Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Week!!!

This past week has felt like it has been a big week for me and the little baby inside of me. I am suddenly feeling many changes coming about and they are all very exciting!
First off I really feel like my belly popped out much more this week. I do not feel like these pictures that I took exactly a week after my 13 week pictures show you how much I feel my belly has changed but I am going to post them to see what you think? People are starting to come up to me at work and church and say, "wow, you are starting to show now", it is SO EXCITING to me! I was so stoked to start to "look" pregnant, and now that it is happening it is strange to see my body taking a new form but it is so exciting at the same time!

Secondly, I am FINALLY starting to feel like I have a little more energy. I am not knocked out at 9pm anymore and I do not feel like I NEED a nap our I will die during the day anymore. I still do not feel 100% but I am truly grateful for this new energy that is returning to my body! I feel like I have been SO blessed to have not been too sick at all during the pregnancy but boy I never ever knew how tired growing a baby made you. It is SO worth it but WOW a big eye opener and a huge amount of respect gained for any woman that has ever been pregnant before and dealt with that lack of energy!
Lastly I am saying goodbye to the first trimester this week and moving on into the AWESOME second trimester! It feels so good to be finishing the last week of the first trimester. I am so happy that my baby is still healthy (as far as I know, I have an appointment next Thurs), I am so happy that I do not need to worry as much about miscarriage, I am so happy that my energy is coming back, and I am SO SO SO EXCITED for all the fun things that happen in the second trimester! I look SO FORWARD to feeling the baby move (especially for the first time), finding out what we are having and being able to put a name to the little person in there, starting to buy cloths, getting stuff ready for the nursery, starting to make the babies bedding, all that fun stuff that comes with the second "glorious" trimester! I love being pregnant and feel so blessed to have this blessing in our lives right now!

For journal purposes I would like to recap on the first trimester since we are moving onward:

Thurs. Nov 6, 2008 5:30am: Mommy takes a pregnancy test and finds out we are going to be having a baby!!!
That night I told Daddy by having him do a scavenger hunt around the house as soon as he got home from the fire station. The first clue started on the garage door and lead him all through the house. He had clues on blue and pink cards like "when I have to relieve my waters ALL THE TIME where do I go?" toilet, "when you have a bun cookin where is it cookin?" oven, "where all the magic is made?" bed, and the last one was "when we have a baby someday where will it lay it's head down to sleep at night?" what will be our babies nursery, In that room there were 2 gifts wrapped up (Kip was so confused) he asked "what is this all about?" I just smiled and said open the presents. The first was a Willow Tree Statue that is called "New Dad" he pulled it out and did not see the name and said "O' how nice a Willow Tree Statue" I made him pull the statue out of the box and look at it and as soon as he saw the dad holding the little baby he looked up to me and said "What is this? Are you trying to tell me something?" with a smile I told him to open the second present "He was pretty sure he knew what was going on at this point when he opened the present and saw a book called "The Expectant Father" HE KNEW!!! He looked up to me and just kept saying "Are you kidding? Are you joking? Is this for real?" I asked him if he wanted to see the sticks I peed on (by that time I had peed on 2 to make sure), he did not want to see them which was not a surprise to me being a germ freak kinda. It took him a while to process the whole thing being for real, it was so cute to see him excited, giddy, and freaking out all at the same time! At one point he looks up at me and says "So I should probably be holding your hand or something right now RIGHT???" then he grabs my hand, shortly followed by "So I should probably give you a kiss right now RIGHT???" it was so cute and funny to me! I had no idea how he would react to this news, we were trying to get pregnant but Kip was still a little leery about the whole thing, the way he reacted was to me PERFECT!!!

Fri. Nov 7, 2008: We told Grandma and Grandpa Robinson the good news.
I had gotten a little baby doll that fit in a shoe box perfectly! I stuffed the box with blue and pink tissue paper and in the babies hand I had a little note that read:

Grandma & Grandpa Robinson
It must be great, it must be fun,
to be a Grandma & Grandpa to 1!
But Wait! Think of all the things you would do
if instead of 1 Grand baby it was 2!
Because it seems there is a little bun
being cooked in the oven by a Robinson!
Watch out because 9 months can fly by,
and our new little baby will be here come July!

I wrapped up the box and put a yellow bow on it and Kip brought it to his parents the next morning for them to open up. (I think this was very exciting for Kip to do)So he hands the box to his mom and dad and as soon as they open it and Kip's mom See's the little baby she knew. She started to get a little emotional, as soon as Kip's dad read the note he knew. They were SO SO SO Excited and by the end of the day Grandma had already bought the baby a boy and girl outfit. Kip also called his sister that day and told her before mom and dad went home since she and her hubby are living with the parents. Aunt and Uncle Hardy as well as Cousin Hailee were also SO excited and bought us a Horsey decoration that will go with the theme of our nursery! We had a box in the mail for Uncle Rick who is up and BYU Idaho, packaged up the same way with a note in the babies hand that read:

Uncle Rick
Uncle Rick, it must be so much fun
to be an Uncle to such a cute little one.
But if one is so great, what will you do
when you suddenly have another niece or nephew?
Because it seems there is a little bun
being cooked in the oven by a Robinson!
Watch out because 9 months can fly by,
and our new little baby will be here come July!

When Uncle Rick got the package he said he knew as soon as he saw the babies hand! He is SO SO SO EXCITED!! He is a great Uncle and can't wait to have another little one to play with.

We also put a package in the mail that day for my Dad Danny that was the same and his note in the little babies hand read:

Papa Wyrick
Papa is what your grand kids call you,
you don't have just've got 2!
But wait a second? Could it really be?
That this Papa could be a Papa of 3?
Because it seems there is a little bun
being cooked in the oven by a Robinson!
Watch out because 9 months can fly by,
and our new little baby will be here come July!

When he got the package in the mail he was a big confused at first. He See's a package from Kip and I and wonders what it could possibly be? Then he opens the wrapping to find a shoe box? "Nice, I needed some new shoes" he thought. And then opens the shoe box to find blue and pink tissue paper and a baby in it???? Confused he read the card and then finally pieced it all together. He is SO SO SO Excited and is such a fun Papa to his Grand kids and is so excited for Kip and I and to meet this new little family member!

I could not wait for the mail to deliver the package to my parents, I was itchin' SO SO BAD to tell them our great news so I decided to hand deliver it down to San Diego. Mom and dad unfortunately got off work late that night and Kip and I had set plans for dinner with some Friends up here in Corona so I had to leave the package with my sister (who already knew, she actually wrote all the amazing notes that were in the packages, she is so great with words, THANKS SIS!!!) So that Amanda and her family were meeting up with my parents for Friday dinner out. Amanda brought the package that said on the outside To: Grammy & Pa. My parents assume it is from Makenna and Kellen. I LOVE IT!!! They open the box having no idea what to expect and see the pink and blue tissue paper as well as a little doll. My mom saw the doll and had it figured out and started getting emotional, dad and mom read the note together that was in the babies hand that read:

Grammy & Pa
Grammy and Pa are the names you adore
to be called by your grand kids- not just one, but 4!
But wait don't you think you would feel more alive,
if instead of 4 Grand kids you had 5?
Because it seems there is a little bun
being cooked in the oven by a Robinson!
Watch out because 9 months can fly by,
and our new little baby will be here come July!

They are SO SO SO EXCITED for Kip and I! They knew how badly I wanted a baby and are so excited for Kip and I to be blessed to be parents! Soon after the announcement my mom was up her for the weekend taking me Maternity Cloths shopping and boy has that been so helpful!

We feel so blessed to have such wonderful, amazing, loving, and supportive families on both sides that are just so excited for our new little family. Our kid is going to be one lucky kid with the best grandparents ever and the coolest cousins to play with!

Mon. Nov 10, 2008: Meet my Doctor for the first time to confirm my pregnancy! I take a pee test at the Doctor's office, and I am SO SO SO Nervous that they are going to come in and say "Sorry sweetheart, you are not pregnant!" but to my GREAT RELIEF my Dr. came in with a "Congratulations, you are pregnant!"! YEAH!!! I also got some blood work done and set my appointment for my first ultrasound!

In the meantime I feel nauseous pretty much all day but never need to throw up. My boobs feel like they are growing quickly! (Kip is SO HAPPY) And I am also starting to get pretty tired!

Thurs. Dec 11, 2008: We have our first ultrasound. Daddy was able to be there and it was such a cool experience! I was so nervous that the baby would be in there with no heartbeat or that there would be obvious developmental problems. I even asked the nurse before it all began if people usually get nervous, she said most people are excited, which I WAS but I was nervous too. The ultrasound was SO AMAZING!!! The baby was healthy, growing normally, the heartbeat was visible on the screen and we got a pretty good first ultrasound photo for a 9.5 week old! It even looked like the baby waved at us at one point. We also found out at that appointment that our Dr. is Mormon and we thought that was pretty cool! We also got our official due date July 13, 2009!!!

In the meantime I am feeling less nauseous and MORE TIRED!!!! I feel like a Zombie! I do not take naps like I should because I constantly feel like I have a million things to do so I end up crashing at like 9pm and get behind on things like housework and blogging!

Tues. Dec 30, 2008: A friend Amy offers to practice her ultrasound skills on me and the baby and I happily agree! It was so much fun to see how much the baby has grown. We got some great pictures and got to look at the little one for quite a while. The BEST part was that I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Kip was not there because he had previous plans with my dad and brother and this was kinda a last minute thing so I recorded the heartbeat on my phone so he could hear it the first time I ever heard it too! It was super cool to share with him and hearing the heartbeat made the whole experience of having a human growing inside of me SO MUCH more real! The heartbeat was at 162 beats per minute which is healthy! The baby is in my tracking 12 weeks old but was measuring at 13 weeks which I hear is normal for the baby to run ahead at times in the growth cycle.

In the meantime more tired than before, I am pretty shocked at how tired I am sometimes but I really never feel sick at all anymore!

Week 14: The belly feels like it pop's out more than before, this is the first time I really feel like I am looking pregnant. It is SO EXCITING!!!! I am also finally getting my energy back, YEAH!!! Also SO MOTIVATED to keep up the working out!

Thanks for listening to my recap of the first trimester. Like I said it is more for my records but it is still fun to read for family and others I guess too.


The Gray Family said...

I love that! Your little boy (or girl, but I just have a feeling it's a boy!) will love to read this one day!

Amanda said...

What a cute little post! (this one must have taken awhile) Your belly really has changed in a week... I can totally see the difference! And I am so confused by it's is saying boy and girl all at the same time. We will soon see. You are going to be such a good mommy! And I am soooo glad you are feeling more energetic. Enjoy it while it lasts :)

Oceanlvr4 said...

I also feel like you are having a boy...partly because of the heartbeat, but that only confirms it to me.

Katie said...

Welcome to the second trimester! And time to feel a little better! You have to have the cutest outlook on pregnancy I've ever heard. I know lots of girls excited to get pregnant and start a family (me included) but not everyone has an attitude like you. I complained through the whole pregnancy. I hated my growing belly. I need to take a lesson.

The Woot-en Clan said...

You look great! Don't you love having your energy back. I got mine back a couple weeks ago and it makes such a difference. I love how your journaling everything! Great idea! I'll see you this week at Heather's shower.

Heidi said...

You are awesome for keeping all that journaling. I wish I would have done something like that.

jeanine said...

I loved reading this... and to hear your excitement! Too fun! And I LOVE how you told everyone!!!! You are the cutest!

jeanine said...

ps. I love having a Mormon doc... hope you do too!

jeanine said...
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Meagan said...

That was a very long but informative post! I think your belly is adorable and Red Robin is fantastic!!!

The Hardy's said...

Wow! You definately have popped out alot in the past week! Isnt it soo much fun to have a baby belly??? I loved having one! Lets get together soon!

The Picketts said...

Awww - SO cute! Look at that belly! I can't wait to hear about when you first feel that baby! It's honestly my most FAVORITE part of the pregnancy! YAY!
Congrats on entering into your second trimester! In MY opinion - it's the best, simply because you can start eating more, you have more energy, you're not GINORMOUS yet and it's just a GREAT time to be pregnant! (We're in the second trimester together right now!) FUN FUN! Love ya girl!

Todd Family said...

I am really excited for you guys! it's such a blessing! you look really cute with a belly!

Emily said...

Thanks for the in depth information! I am so happy for you :) You have cute pregnant bump!

Collin and Hilary Hanson said...

that was thee most awesome blog ever! i am sooo excited for you! that is so awesome about the ultrasound and having the cutest baby bump!!! i totally think your having a boy but its just a feeling, i mean i can totally picture you guys having a boy! well i guess i said that about laurie too when she was pregnant but really! i tihnk its gonna be a boy with you guys!!

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