Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's o' so quiet.......

Ok so I suppose the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" really is true!
Kip and I have had our little puppy Echo for about a month now and I never realized how much he has changed our every day lives and the feel of our home until today. Boy has he become a true family member!
Since Echo is a Doberman Pinscher we decided to get his ears cropped so that he looks like the traditional Doberman. We had the appointment this morning to get the procedure done. I went in thinking I would pick him up a few hours from then, but when I went to leave him and asked when to come back to pick him up they told me "not till tomorrow morning". I was so sad leaving him there over night, he is just so little and he does not do well at all locked in a little crate all night by himself. All day long I have been so sad for my little boy who is in pain right now without me there to comfort him. Is that totally retarded of me????
Well Kip and I did our best to go on with our day the way we normally did before little Echo came into our lives, and boy does it just feel so quiet in our home and kind of uneventful. I really realized how much Kip and I love our little guy. We can't wait to pick him up tomorrow morning! We are going to be there the earliest we can to get him because we miss him that much!
I have realized that I am so grateful for my little family! What this puppy has done to make this house feel more like a home and Kip and I's life together feel more like a little family is absolutly amazing! Dog's truly are a man's best friend. I LOVE MY LITTLE FAMILY!!!!
(I will post pictures of little Echo after his surgery when we get him tomorrow)


Lance and Becky said...

I have missed so much of the Robinson's lives! First, the pictures of your sister and you are priceless! You two are the cutest! Kip and his brother look so much alike, and it looks like he had a blast! Love your dog! I want one sooo bad! I want a bull dog! I love um! Poor doggy, you'll be so glad to have him back! I love you Sar!

Amanda said...

You are so flippin cute. But I know exactley what you are saying. You get so used to the changes those four legged friends bring, you don't realize how much they add to the family until they are gone for a night.
Can't wait to see pics of him with his goofey ears all taped up!

The Picketts said...

We have two cats - and each time that we would drop them off to get "fixed," I bawled like a baby! When I was pregnant, our little kitty had some problems and I about died to see our littie baby in pain! Just wait 'til you have kids! You'll be grateful that your little "boy" was there to prepare you a littie! :O) I need to call you still!!! Maybe I'll do that right now!

Philip and Melissa said...

I love the picture of you on the sidebar with your're beautiful!