Sunday, April 6, 2008

Floppy to Funny, Fleshy to Furry...

Well he is back and we are so happy to have our little man home! I think we love him now even more than we did before. He is such a sweetheart and he was so happy to see us when we were there to pick him up at the Vet, it made us feel so loved!
Little Echo is taking everything like a total champ. He is not even really acting like he is in pain, he trys to scratch at his ears every once in a while but he is really being better than we thought he would with the cone on his head holding his ears up. The Vet even made it sound like it would be somewhat of a process to get him from ripping it off but our little Echo is being such a good boy. THANK GOODNESS!!! I have decided that he is a tough little bugger. He is not acting like his tail is hurting him even a little bit which is also so nice to see.
Kip and I are totally happy with the procedure so far and it looks like the doctor cut his ears the length that we really wanted, his tail looks SO SO SO much better than before and we are so happy with that as well. The reason we had to get his tail fixed was because we think that the breeder that we got him from docked his tail by themselves. It never healed right because it was cut too long and when little Echo sat if he wagged his tail the end would scrape on the ground and would keep the end from healing. There ended up being a build up of scar tissue at the end of his little tail that would never ever grow hair back. I think it looked like a burnt cigar at the end. The doctor was totally willing to fix it while he was out so that his tail would no longer bother him or us and so it would be cut to the right length for a Doberman. We are so happy with the results. We think that Echo already looks so much more like a Traditional Doberman and we just keep looking at him saying to ourselves "Boy is he going to be a GOOD LOOKING DOG".
Well I hope that none of you that see this post think we are evil. We have really done a ton of research on all of these procedures and we want you to know that he was knocked out the entire time all of this was going on. He is not acting like he is in much pain at all right now and he also has medication that we are giving him every 8 and 12 hours. He is in good hands and with a family that loves him very much and wants the best for him. We want him to be true to his heritage and look like his ancestors. It is in his best interest we believe, or so we tell ourselves.
Echo will be getting his stitches out in 2 weeks and then on to the next step in the process of training the ears to stand up, LOTS OF TAPE!!! I will keep you updated with pictures.
Here are a few more pictures of our little guy that I took right when we got home from the Vet.

Our little guy is going to look funny for quite a while from here on out so please be prepared to giggle a little if you stop by and see him.
This is a good shot of what the ears look like now.

We got him this bone that we gave him right when we got home from the Vet and he has been LOVING it, he has been chewing on it non stop since Saturday morning and is still at it. I'm happy because it is a good distraction.
Yeah for designer dogs!


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, he looks rediculous! I love it! And he seems to be in good spirits still :)
He does look much more doberman all of the sudden.
He is going to be one stud muffin.

Em said...

You crack me up! I think he is cute and I am not even an animal lover!

Todd Family said...

What the heck did you do to your dog?! Oh my word! I hope he is ears hurt just thinking about it! I hope all is well with you. I just started this whole blog thing so maybe we can play sometime. deal?

Gregg, Laurie and Hailee said...

wow! my mom and i were looking at your blog and we saw echo's new pictures and our stomachs almost lost it! you guys are so strong to be able to look at his ears on a daily basis! but once they are healed they will look so GOOD!! he is such a handsome pup and i cant believe how big he has gotten! he is growing sooooo fast! he surely is an amazing dog and you can def. tell that you guys love him so much and that he loves you guys so much! you guys are awesome!

The Ellsworth Clan said...

OUCH!!! You took away his cuteness,, now he just looks bad ass!! Excuse the french.

Pedersens said...

That looks so nasty to look at,,, i showed Chris the pictures! He will look good once he heals. I cant wait for our pups to meet, i think yours is going to tackle ours down because it is like twice the size as ours!

Heather said...

He is huge! Harley had such a good time today, she was all tuckered out when we got home! She hated her quick spray off of course but then went straight to sleep! LOL! I'm glad they got to meet and play! And I figured out that Harley is 14 weeks old tomorrow! We've had her almost 2 months now, I can't think of life without her! We are definitely dog lovers!

The Bruer Clan said...

Por guy, now don't go doing that to your OWN children!! JK!! ;) HA!! The ears, the tail, what's next??? EH?!!