Tuesday, April 1, 2008

100% BOY

Kipper had the chance this past weekend to go on a much needed Boys Trip! His brother Rick is going to be going back up to school in a few weeks and Kipper wanted to be sure to take Rick out to these mines that he had found while Rick was on his mission. Kip's dad Kip Sr. and one of Kipper's old young men from his Teachers Quarm he was over, Jeff came along as well. They came back with some fun story's and some really cool pictures that I thought I would share with you all! Enjoy!!!

They camped out Friday and Saturday night and Kip said that the weather was perfect!!

The boys testing their courage before going into the mines!!

Two different days all clean before they enter the mine!

Down they go, deep into the earth!

Quite a bit of bravery required here! Yikes!

Look at the cool stuff they found down in there!

Getting ready to go out after hours of searching deep into the earth!

Up, up, up they go. Kip said that there were about 500 feet of these ladders going straight up, #1 what a workout and #2 holy molly that is HIGH!!!

Kip and Rick celebrate making it out! Let there be light!

Now let's shoot some clay pigeons to really boost that testosterone!
Looks and sounds like they had a total blast, I hope you think these boys are as cool as I do! What brave men!


Philip and Melissa said...

I love adventurous things but THAT...would drive me crazy! I'd get all clostrophobic or something. VERY BRAVE dudes!

Gregg, Laurie and Hailee said...

wow it looks like they had so much fun! one day we will go with them again! and your blog entry below is so stinkin cute! i LOVE the pics of you and amanda growing up. it really makes me want to have another girl so hailee can enjoy the friendship that sisters have!

Em said...

I love the pictures, they are really cool! Camping and exploring mines sounds like fun!

Heather said...

They are crazy! (Says the girl who jumped out of a plane - I know I know!) But really I don't know why that going down into mines freaks me out, but it just does! I'm glad Seth forgot about the trip or he would have gone too! :) Somehow I knew it would work out, is that mean? I don't want him to get hurt! Cool Pics, the boys did a good job taking photos!

carolyn said...

hey, it's carolyn dellenbach! I was looking at these pics and it's crazy to see ricky!! haha, how fun

Pedersens said...

looks like the boys had some fun! i want to go shoot some clay pigeons!!

The Bruer Clan said...

U let him go have fun?!! JK!! He looks like he had a BLAST!! LUCKY GUY!!! Now I want to do some of that!! HEEE!!!