Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Princess & The Frog

The other night Brooke and I were upstairs in her bedroom doing our night time routine of picking out what jammies she wants to wear we have the cupcake ones, the butterfly ones, but this night she picked the froggie ones! Right after we got her cute little froggie jammies on and her teeth brushed Daddy entered the room with a suprise in his hand. I was just as curious as Brooke was as to what this little suprise was. Brooke pried open Daddy's hands to find a huge froggie that he found in our front planter as he was coming in from emptying the trash. Brooke flipped out in a LOVING the frog type of way. She instantly grabbed it, we did our best to keep her gentle with the little guy. She kissed it, hugged it, rocked it, pet it, watched it hop all around her room, giggled, squeeled, and was in total and complete heaven! She seriously fell in love and would have been thrilled if this little guy had become our new little pet! The cutest part, other than seeing our little princess kiss a frog, was when the froggie was ribbitting Brooke told us he was singing a song about asking for chocolate milk, she cracks us up! Here are a few shots we got as we were cracking up as our little princess loved the little frog!

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Amanda said...

I really can't believe that you (being the freak you can be) were having your daughter kiss some wild toad! These pictures are adorable! You guys are such a silly family, brooke looks way too grown up and she and her daddy look so happy!