Wednesday, September 7, 2011

He's Here!!!

Kip Garr Robinson III
Aug 7, 2011
9 lbs. 1 oz.
20.5 inches
(12 days late)

Well today our little boy is 1 month old, I seriously can't believe how dang fast this month has gone by! I also can't believe that I have not yet let the Blogger world know about his birth. SORRY! Facebook world has been well informed and kept up to date but poor Blogger world has suffered since Facebook world came into my life. I'm working on getting back into the swing of Blogger things!
So here's the story!
On August 6th I was scheduled to be induced at 7:00pm on my 11th day being over due. We got there and as they hooked me up to the monitors we come to find out that my body is naturally having contractions regularly. They were just not too strong and not super effective. We were also surprised to find out when they checked me that I was dilated to a 2.5 to a 3 which was AMAZING since 2 days previously I was at a 1 and had been for 5 weeks! Things were looking like all was heading in a wonderful direction. I was really hoping to have a vaginal delivery but was not convinced I would be able to after Brooke's delivery? With Kaizer making me wait till I was 11 days over due I was pretty convinced I was having a BIG baby and was curious if he would even fit out of my body? I was quite thrilled with every other thing about Kaizer other than them letting me go 11 days over.So they decide to hook me up to petocin to get these contractions becoming more effective. The plan was that in a few hours they were going to break my water.
By the time the water breaking was about to happen I NEEDED an epidural. I think I dilated to a 5 when they gave me my epidural, aaaaaa.... I LOVED the relief and can't believe people suffer BY CHOICE through that pain OUCH! After the wonderful epidural kicked in they came in and broke my water. Come to find out there was A LOT of merconium in my fluid (no surprise since he was 11 days over due at that point). I was very freaked out after finding out about the merconium being in the fluid because my little sister got VERY sick after being born from swallowing merconium. They then calmly told me that the NICU would be in the room when he was born and that they would need to work on him right away. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to have a vaginal birth was because I really wanted that moment when your baby comes right out of you and they place them onto you immediately. That was now not going to happen, it made me sad but of course I wanted my baby to be healthy before anything else! About 8 hours from when I checked in I suddenly felt very sick and sadly had to throw up quite a bit. I also felt a TON of pressure in my hip bones, like they were going to shatter pressure. I was being told that that was not where I was supposed to be feeling the pressure and that I couldn't be at a 10 quite yet. I made them check me anyway and sure enough I was at a 10 BUT he had not dropped :( They put my bed at an incline for about 2 hours to see if gravity would help him descend. I tried to sleep to be prepared for the pushing. I was very happy with what my body was doing. This labor was a million times better than with Brooke's 33 hour labor. To go from 33 hours to being at a 10 in 8 hours I was feeling like Wonder Woman this time around! When they came in to check his position 2 hours later he had not dropped at all. They decided to have me push anyway to see if I could get him to drop down while pushing.
I pushed for about 45 minutes and the kid was not budging AT ALL, he was stuck on my pelvic bone (as I anticipated) THEN his heart rate began to drop. They very quickly decided to do an Emergency C-Section. I got quite emotional at this point. It was such a let down after such a positive experience thus far, it was also exactly the situation I was praying to avoid and was sure was going to happen after being over due 11, now 12 days.
So we headed in for the C-Section.
The C-Section went SO QUICKLY! They did the whole numbing thing on me and told me to tell them if my hands began to feel numb or if I began feeling sleepy, all that precautionary stuff. They invited Kip in, and as he was tieing on his face mask we hear "OK here's his head, and his feet, he's out!" I immediately heared his cry and began to cry myself. I couldn't believe it, I just had another baby, a son! The NICU nurses took him right away and began doing their thing on him. I tried to peek at him through the nurses the best I could. I was worried while watching them that there was something wrong with my baby. Kip kept assuring me that he was OK. As this is all happening I hear the Dr say "her uterus is not clamping down" right after that I had some nurse feeding me some pill. As soon as that pill dissolved in my mouth I began feeling my arms feel numb. I started to freak out and made Kip tell them my hands were going numb. They said I was OK. I was confused because they just had made it sound like it would be a bad thing if that were to happen to me. Then I began feeling like I was going to fall asleep or pass out. I told Kip to tell them and they said it was a reaction to the pill that I needed. Before I knew it my head fell to the side (opposite my baby) and I could hear everything but not really move much. At one point the nurse turned my head for me and announced "here's your baby" Kip had brought him over and began showing me my sweet little boy. Immediately I noticed his hair line, his dimples, and the dimple in his chin. I thought he was super handsome and I thought he looked like his daddy and I.
Just moments after I saw him for the first time I began feeling nauseous. I turned away from my little boy and began throwing up. I don't really remember anything after that? I woke up to my Mom and Sister trying to get me to wake up in recovery. They immediately showed me pictures of my little boy that they had taken in the nursery. I just cried, and cried, I felt like an emotional wreck. Shortly after I woke up they brought my little boy into me. My arms were totally numb so I was not really able to hold him well. The nurse set him on my chest and just started him nursing for me. He latched on beautifully which was a total relief.
After that I would say everything was normal, great, and all happy. Of course the recovery of a C-Section is a bit painful especially in the hospital. A liquid diet for days on end is not so much fun. BUT I had a healthy baby boy who immediately was such a good baby! My recovery went well, I was so very grateful for all of the help we received by our wonderful families! We have been SO BLESSED and we are so very grateful to have a healthy son and daughter! Life is good!
Here are a few hospital shots.
Father and his Son!
Auntie Nana
Grammy Carlson
Pepaw and Grandma with their new little Grandson
The 3 Kip's!
Daddy and his little BOY!
My Best Buddies Came!
First Family Photo
More and more updates to come!!!


The Gray Family said...

he is such a handsome little guy, and his mama is a TROOPER!!! Sorry everything was so crazy, but glad you are doing well now...lazy uterus aside :>) Congrats again!

Sundbergs said...

He is so cute. Sorry for all of hard times you really did awesome. I had a very similar expierence with my second, so I know it is hard. I am so happy that he is happy and healthy.

amber said...

so so so happy all turned out well and you got another cutie to boot. you are a stud. love you tons!!! auntie amber

Nichole said...

Congrats! He is handsome! :o)

JustJules said...

Congrats!!! What a wonderful life!!

jeanine said...

He is the cutest little guy!

Your birth experience sounds very familiar to my first! I wish I had known... I could have given you some csection recovery tips :) (I've had 4 now). Enjoy that little baby... and make sure to let your body heal!

Todd Family said...

congrats on your beautiful family!! so sorry you had to go through that, but seeing that black and white pic of the first time you saw him looks like it was all worth it. so beautiful.

karhik vasan b said...

angel babies

Sharon said...

Wow, thank you for sharing your story! I'm only a few weeks away from delivering and my baby is breech right now. Sounds like there's a good chance I may be having a c as well. Just reading how tough it was, but also how wonderful things turned out for you, really puts my mind at ease. I guess everyone has their story. Wonder what mine will be like. Your son is beautiful and looks so happy and your daughter is just ADORABLE! Congrats!