Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 8.....

Eviction Date set for Saturday Aug 6, 2011 at 7:30pm (unless they are packed, then I get to wait longer)
I just went in today to be checked because I was having stabbing pains in my lower right side of my stomach. He is a healthy little boy, moving around still like crazy, his heartbeat was great, fluids were great, everything checked out great! I am also STILL dilated to a 1, he is apparently STILL high, and I am only 60% effaced. I'm grateful for such a healthy baby and for a body that for sure has no troubles getting and STAYING pregnant! I, every single day wake up and think about my blessings. I am over due yes, I am uncomfortable yes, I am so tired that I have a hard time keeping up with my little busy 2 year old yes, I have no lap left for her to sit in yes..... BUT I AM PREGNANT! I know how lucky and blessed I am to be pregnant, to have easy pregnancies, to have my baby still be so healthy! I look forward to the moment that I get to meet him in person and hold him tightly in my arms, to count his fingers and his toes, to look into his little eyes..... but that moment is not far from now! Thank goodness for modern technology and for them no longer letting people go beyond 42 weeks pregnant. I get to see him Sunday is my guess??? I can't wait till Sunday but until then I will soak up the very last moments that Brooke and I have together just her and I!


Patricia Needham said...

Oh wow good luck I know how you feel. Congrats babe my baby boy just turned nine months.

Trent and Kristi said...

Oh My you make me laugh so hard! I love this's so adorable and you look great for being 41+! I love your humor & attitude about it all! Just think in a few days he will be here! Good luck!

Cherie said...

So happy for your family and excited that hopefully you'll be able to see him this weekend! I'm also really happy you get to be close by so much family... I love the Robinson crew! Good luck with everything! Boys are awesome!

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