Saturday, July 30, 2011


So I am back! I hope!
I am going to do a QUICK UPDATE, I will expand further later on, for all of you out there in Blogger land that do not have a facebook account to keep up on our lives.
After this update I am going to do my very best to do a bunch of catch up blog posts. That way no exciting moments are lost! I do plan on turning these years of blogging into books so I want to keep everything captured in these blog pages if not for you, for us!
We have had a very busy few months since I last posted!
On May 28th Kip celebrated his 30th Birthday!
Kip's friends (with a little help from me) planned a total GUY day for his actual Birthday. The evening before Clint, Kip, and Ryan went camping out behind our houses up in the hills. They just took the quads out and found a place. The following morning, Kip's actual Birthday, Rob meet up with them and they all went on a shooting frenzy! They had a TON of ammo, cut out animal targets, and fresh fruit to blow up! Sounds like they had a very testosterone building experience!
The evening of Kip's Birthday it was just Kip and I, we sent Brooke to Grammy and Pa's for the weekend, and we went out to dinner and had a relaxing evening at home.
The following day Kip's family came over to our house for dinner and celebrating!
On July 18th our little Brooke turned 2 years old!!!! We had 2 parties for her special day! We had 1 on July 9th here in Elsinore with family and close friends, a Rubber Ducky theme that is SO little Brooke, and lots of pool fun! What a perfect day it was!
Then on July 17th we had a combined party for Brooke and Conner who are exactly 1 year apart! Conner was born July 17th and Brooke the 18th a year apart! We had a ton of fun with the family that came down to San Diego for the day!
Papa Wyrick was able to come out for a week and we got to spend some special time with him. Brooke adores her Papa!
I just think this is cute so I have to throw this in here. Brooke has become obsessed with wearing Makeup! I only really let her wear lip gloss regularly but she sure loves it!
With Brooke's constant interest being shown we decided to finally just go for the Potty Training! We did not want the interest phase to pass and then never come back. We were not planning on potty training her before the baby came she had different plans. Boy did it go well! She really only had a few accidents. Day #1 was rough but it was my fault in my tactic I was using. From day #2 on she really has not had many accidents. She picked it up quick and we are SO proud of her! SO NICE to not be changing her nasty diapers! Also what a relief to not have to be buying 2 sets of diapers once the baby comes! She IS still in Pull Up's at night which is fine with me for a little while. I will tackle night time at a different time in life, I'm hoping that she will just phase out of night time accidents?
My Mom and I after MANY, MANY hours of hard work finished Baby Kipper and Brooke's shared room bedding! I am very happy with how it turned out! I don't have a photo of his bumper and crib skirt set up in a crib yet because that will not happen till we move. When it does happen I will of course post pictures of their room set up and all done!
Just recently we took down the crib and moved Brooke into her Big Girl Bed! I was really worried about how this transition would go but it really has not been as bad as I was expecting. Every once in a while she wakes up a few times in the middle of the night but all we do is put her back in bed, tuck her in, and she is out again! She is seriously such a good girl!
I got some really cute pictures of her helping Daddy build her bed. This is my favorite one. The girl just KNEW how tools were supposed to be used without showing her. We were both super impressed. I need to get a picture of her IN her bed! I'm always too afraid of taking pictures of her sleeping because I am too afraid to wake her up.
The FOR SALE sign went up on our house and the house has began emptying out with the furniture we have been selling. It's crazy! Brooke gets sad every time she notices a piece of furniture gone, it makes me sad!
Brooke seems to be ready for her little brother to come out! Every day she asks me if Baby Kipper will "Come out soon?" I feel like she really is grasping the concept that he is a real baby that she is going to hold and kiss and help me change his diaper? I DO think there will be a transition, I am already seeing signs of it. But I also think she is going to love her little brother and be a big helper with him. I am ready to have a lap back for her to sit in and energy back to play with her with!
Last but not least, we got all our baby stuff we needed, THANKS TO KIP'S HARD WORK! My favorite new items are my new glider that I got to hand pick out the fabric and colors, and my new double jogger that my wonderful In Law's got for us!
Baby Kipper's "Room" is set up! As much of a "room" as he is going to have till we move. He's right next to his Mommy and Daddy!
I guess you could say we have ALL OUR DUCKS IN A ROW!!!
Now it's just stinking time to have this little boy! I'm now 4 days over my Due Date! When he is going to come I have no idea? I'm guessing maybe his Pepaw Robinson's Birthday August 1st since he is the "original" Kip that this little guy is going to be named after? HOPEFULLY SOON is all I can ask for! I pray for a healthy little boy and a safe delivery! Can't wait to update you with pictures of our little son! Until then here I am on my due date!


Erin said...

excellent update.
For sale sign and everything. It's official. Boooo!
I cant wait to see baby kipper. Any day now any day. Hang in there.

The Gray Family said...

hang in there not much longer!!!