Sunday, June 12, 2011

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

One Saturday that Kip was gone working at the fire station I got a wild hair up my bum to call up my Mom and Sister and see if they would be spontaneous and meet up with me and Brooke at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Normally the 2 of them are not as spontaneous as I am, they say it's because they have more important lives (whatever), but THIS Saturday they were both up for the spontaneous fun! I was STOKED that they both said yes on meeting Brooke and I there. Good thing because my Mom was our free ticket in with the kind of Zoo pass she has! Hooray for a free family day of fun!
We ended up having a very, very fun time at the park! The first thing we did was the Butterfly Exhibit which just happened to be the very last day of it. Good timing!
They had a little dress up stop that Brooke and Kenna decided to take advantage of! These little girls are so dang cute together, it kills us!
I have a picture of Brooke in this same Butterfly about a year ago, maybe even longer. So cute! Butterflies will always remind me of little Brooke for some reason?
Next we went to feed the birds! That was an experience! It did not freak out Brooke the way I thought it would. She actually wanted so badly to just grab the birds and hold them as they landed. I was worried she was going to get bit. I think my Mom or Sis have pictures of us on their camera's and if so I will update this with a few photo's once I get them. It was really cool!
We watched the Monkeys climb all over everything while we waited to go on the Safari Park tour! I think the kids had a great time seeing all the animals in their elements! I thing for the girls the Giraffes were the favorites and for Kellen it whas the Rhino's.
Posed on the Rhino as a group!
Brooke was not really having it! Love this shot!
And just acted like the other word for Donkeys!
It was a SUPER fun day! I was so glad that my Mom and Sister's lives were not so important that day that it would have kept them from the day of spontaneous fun that we had! So grateful for fantastic memories!


Amanda said...

Definitely a trip I will always remember. Ton of fun, but the day went by too fast. We need to go to the Zoo again when you guys are down here some time soon!

amber said...

family memories are the best!!! glad you guys had lots of fun!!!

Anderson Family said...

So fun, we just went there and had a blast!

We changed our blog address to so make sure you change it the old one doesn't work anymore. See you soon :)

Hansons said...

So much fun! I lovevthese cute pictures! Can't wait till you guys are up here!!

Erin said...

what a fun day! I love the crying picture of Brooke. So funny. Your family is adorable and your belly is darling.