Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catching Up!

I have about a month of catching up to do, it is so dang easy to get behind on the things in life! Too much to do an too little time and these days energy to do it all! I'm still waiting for this whole "nesting" phase to kick into high gear. It is actually something  have been looking forward to this entire pregnancy! I'M READY TO NEST!!!! Until then I will drag my tired little bum through the things I need to do. Keeping my blog up to date is one of these things, it's suddenly a very important thing for me. This is going to be my only way of keeping a family journal and a journal for each of my children so I really need to keep up on the photos and the stories! Books WILL be made from this blog and I can't wait to see them in print!
You superhero mothers who do it all, HOW do you do it? Seriously I would LOVE to know these things?
So this post is going to be a mix of random photo's from May that make me smile!
This was a sweet little milestone to me! It was the first time Brooke went and played dress up with the big kids! It just made me feel like she was such a big girl when she came downstairs with the big kids in a matching leotard and then headed out to the trampoline for a dance party! So sweet! I love the Bruer girls!
This picture just melts my heart! Let me tell you something, Brooke has NEVER just layed down with me in the middle of the day and fell asleep but she does it with her daddy often! How in the world does he do it? I came out into the living room to check on them and this is what I found. My 2 loves sleeping together on the couch in pretty much the exact same position. Isn't this just the sweetest thing?
Another cute one! My sis and her crazy kiddo's came up one day for a day of fun in Lake Elsinore with us! I of course didn't get many photo's of the day of fun but this was too cute to not stop and take a picture of it. Amanda's kid's like to build little pillow forts while they are watching their toons and Brooke wanted to join in on the fun. They all sat there like this for a little while watching their toons in their little pillow made forts! Silly kids!
One of Brooke's very favorite things to do is draw! She draws or colors a few times a day. We LOVE sidewalk chalk! I think she is going to always have a love for art! I also think she is going to be quite good at it. We shall see if Mommy is right or not down the road?
Yes he is in control, No the quad did not end up rolling! Moments like this my husband is just more and more attractive to me for some reason! I sure love him!
One Saturday Brooke and I hit up a free little fair down in Corona. It was a nice day outside and we ran into quite a few friends of ours. Brooke was in a bit of a wimpy mood so we were not there as long as I had planned and I did not get as many photo's as I would have liked too but here are a few. It was a fun FREE thing to do!
Brooke is in LOVE with BIG TRUCKS! Especially trash trucks! Every single Tuesday we listen all day long for the trash trucks to come by so we can run outside and watch them do their thing. Brooke loves it and the trash men now know us and wave to us regularly. It's cute I think! So here she is in front of her beloved Trash Truck!
And for all of you that know me you will be very proud of these next few photos! Brooke has a love for playing with pots and pans, and a love for playing with water. This day I just let go and let her go to town with the two combined! She had a great time pouring the water from pot to pot. Of course most of it made it on the floor but who cares right? Memories are worth it, especially when you are no staying in your house anyway :) She had a great time even tho she looks very serious about her work!


Amanda said...

What a great post! So many cute things. I truly Am impressed with you and letting her go to town with the water. I guess in a way it is a great way to force yourself to mop, right? Totally cute. And I love the pic of the kids behind their pillows. So silly! Our kids are great together!

amber said...

love it!!! glad you let her have fun with the water, looks like she had a blast. sometimes making messes is just fun!!!