Thursday, March 17, 2011

Without The Daddy!

Well the time is coming shortly that I get Kip back and actually get to KEEP HIM!!!
Kip left for AZ the beginning of February to Project Manage the building of a store in the Scottsdale, AZ mall. He was expected to be opening the store on March 1 but as construction projects go the date was then moved to March 11 and now to this coming up Friday March 18th. He should be heading home tomorrow night March 18th but then OF COURSE he has a shift at the Fire Station on Saturday. SO I get him for a few hours Friday Evening and then have to let him go for another 24 hours. Sunday morning he returns and will be home again for good! WE ARE SO EXCITED! More than excited!
I was just thinking the other day of all that has gone on while Kip has been gone, it feels like it has been longer than a month and a half! I have also been proud of myself for staying strong even though I missed him LIKE CRAZY! I thought it would be fun to write down all that happened while Daddy was away!
~ Attended 4 baby showers
~ Hosted 2 of the 4 baby showers
~ Attended 1 birthday party
~ Did our taxes (thanks Mom for your help)
~ Got 2 new toilets installed in our home
~ Got 2 new shower heads
~ Got a new Cable Box as well as New HDMI Cables
~ Turned our first year of Blogging into a book with Cutest Blog on The Block, SO EASY! Now I just got to get the $ to pay for it :) Can't wait to see it in print! 
~ Weeded and trimmed the bushes of our entire front yard's planter (Kip's jobs are normally all the outside stuff)
~ Made Chicken Salad Sandwiches for 70+ people at my house
~ 2 Dr. Appointments for Little K
~ Brooke and I took our first road trip together, just the 2 of us, up to AZ to visit Daddy!
~ Brooke went potty in the toilet 4 times
~ Brooke started growling when upset at things or frustrated
~ Brooke developed an obsession with rubber duckies
~ Brooke learned a whole bunch of new words including the words to the song "Ring Around The Rosie"
~ A few trips to San Diego
~ Only got a babysitter for Brooke 3 nights of the whole month and a half
~ I got bigger and gained a few pounds (baby weight I hope)
~ Started feeling little K kick on the inside and just last night began feeling him kick on the outside!
Maybe that is all of the larger details that happened while Daddy was away? It was a very busy Month and a Half! Life is survivable without Kip but SO MUCH less enjoyable without him! I have decided that I NEVER want to be a Single Mom and I have developed such a respect for every Single Mom out there! Even more I have gained such an appreciation for Military Families! My goodness they sacrifice SO MUCH for our freedom and I love and appreciate that in a whole new way! I struggled with having my husband away for 1.5 months and they go sometimes 12 months with worrying about their safety every single day! I am grateful, SO GRATEFUL for my Husband who I love with ALL my heart! I am SO GRATEFUL for what an amazing, helpful, and loving Father he is to our children! I am truly blessed!
Yes Kip, I can survive without you but I NEVER WANT TO!!!!!
Here is a picture of Kip with his Uncle Bobby who he has been staying with along with his Cousin Ali and her Husband Logan! They went spelunking, sounds like they had a blast! Kip also got into hunting with his Uncle and now wants to come home and be a hunting pro! He has very much enjoyed his time he has spent with his family and the opportunity he has had to make wonderful memories with them as well as strengthen relationships. Did I mention they live DOWN THE STREET from Cafe Rio? LUCKY!!!

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The Magoffins said...

Put a stop to the rubber ducks right now. Katerina got one duck in a kid's meal 2 years ago and now we have over 40 duck toys in the house (over half of them are rubber ducks). We also have duck games, books, pillows, washrags, decorations, and the list goes on. It's become an obsession. And yes, there are plans for the Easter Bunny to bring more.