Monday, December 27, 2010

The Belly Baby!

Here is our 10 week Ultrasound of our little #2! We love "it" already and already can't wait to find out what "it" is! Vote on the side of our blog for what you think we will be having, I am always curious to hear what the majority thinks :)
The little one is doing well, it is measuring a little under 10 weeks but the Dr says it is normal to range from 5 days ahead or behind of what you are "supposed" to be at. So we are in the normal range. The heartbeat looked good and was at 148 beats per minute, between 120 & 170 is considered normal. Brooke's was in the 160's if I remember correctly, I do have it written down somewhere :) We think the little one is beautiful and can't wait to watch the baby grow through these months! We will be going in on February 1st to find out what we are having! We are already counting down the days!
Here our our 3 shots we got!
This is a profile shot of the little one's head with it's arm and hand right by the face! I love the detail of this one!

A few things I want to remember about this pregnancy so far:
~ I have been sick to my stomach since literally the day after I got pregnant.
~ The first 8 weeks I felt sick almost 24/7.
~ The past 2 weeks or so I feel sick between the hours of 3:00pm-7:00pm, and I feel REALLY sick then.
~ Very tired, as I was with Brooke, but I feel MORE tired because I have a 1 year old I am trying to keep up with.
~ My mouth always tastes NASTY, almost a metal taste, eeewwwww......
~ I feel bigger faster.
~ For some reason I am more worried about complications this time around than last time? Don't know why?
~ I crave Cold Cut Sandwiches, mostly Roast Beef ones, and LOTS of Mustard!
~ In the very beginning I felt like a bottomless pit but now it feels like a chore to eat most of the time.
~ I am THRILLED to be growing our second little one!

(This pregnancy has been SO different than with Brooke, I craved doughnuts almost daily with Brooke, never felt sick, but just felt VERY tired!!!)


Trent and Kristi said...

Love the little "bean" pictures! So exciting! It's amazing how every pregnancy is so different...hope you feel better soon! It seems I have gotten more paranoid about complications more-so with each subsequent don't worry...I think that fear is normal cuz you realize even MORE what a miracle it all is! ...i predict boy!!!

Liz said...

Sounds like it could be a boy with that lower heart rate!! Congrats again and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

P.S. Everyone loved the pictures we gave them of our family at the beach! Thanks a million!

Jenn said...

All the things you have mentioned sound like all the same symptoms I have had with both boys! Like I said I would be surprised if it is not! :) So happy to be prego with you again!

Todd + Emily said...

So tiny!!!! I feel your pain with the sickness. Mine was up until almost 20 weeks. But I was throwing up every time I ate! ugh!!! But I don't think you have anything to worry about complications wise - you've never had issues so I'm sure he/she will be just as healthy and cute as Brooke and your body will too : )! But hey they way I looked at the sickness was I would rather be throwing up and pregnant than not! : )!! So happy for you guys!!

The Gray Family said...

it always amazes me the difference a couple weeks can make on an ultrasound! Glad things are going well, and hope you feel better soon :>) Thanks for bringing the pictures by today they turned out great!

Sundbergs said...

So wonderful. Congrats on your neww litlle one. Hope you are feeling better soon

Amanda said...

It's so fun to watch other people be pregnant. Normally you would make me jealous, but since I was there not Too long ago, it just makes me smile. I think it is interesting how our 1st and 2nd pregnancies have been pretty similar. Maybe this will be a boy??? Who knows? Not too much longer!

Jessica said...

when i was preg with braden i was STARVING all the time. really i would wake up at 3 in the morning so hungry that i was nausous. i would eat and eat and eat and still get sooo hungry-i couldnt keep up with it, so my vote so far is that you are having a boy. my two pregnancies were so different too....hmmm i'll have to keep thinking before i officially vote!

The Perry Family said...

what a peanut! Having a life inside of you is so exciting! grow little peanut, grow!

Ryan and Brindi said...

so fun! i can't wait to find out what you are having! all your christmas posts are sooo cute. brooke is so cute in her pictures with santa! also, i LOVE how you decorated your house for christmas!