Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brothers In Law

So BACK IN SEPTEMBER because remember how I am catching you up on September??? Well we had quite a few visitors..... one of them being my little brother David. He came up to visit us for the weekend to get away from the crazy parents, JUST KIDDING, he came up just because we are SO COOL and who in the world would not want to hang out with us RIGHT???
SO I had something going on on Saturday and could not join in on the fun BUT Kip decided to take David on The Bridge To Nowhere hike and they had a blast! Being boys together they did not take a ton of photo's but they said it was a good time. I'm glad David got to bond with his SUPER COOL brother in law!
Here are a few of their shots!

This is my brother David!

And here is the bridge! I think this is the bridge that the Bachelor filmed Jake and Vienna Bungee Jumping and FALLING IN LOVE, blllaaaaaa....

This is my HANDSOME Husband!!!

This is my ALMOST as Handsome Brother!!!



On their way back to the car they were walking on the trail in the dark with head lamps lighting their way and they said that on the ground there were millions of Daddy Long Leg's all over the ground! Glad I was no there.


Kirsten June said...

Awh! David is so cute!

Erin said...

what a fun hubby and fun brother. I am so glad they get along and love makes it so much better when they get along huh?

Amanda said...

What a good boy day! Very fun! David looks so grown up in these. Our little brother is a big boy now :)

Auntie Steph said...

Glad they got to enjoy their "boy time" !