Friday, July 9, 2010

The 4th of July!

This year we had a WONDERFUL 4th of July weekend! Lots of time with our little family together, time with friends, time with extended family, complete with a BBQ, swimming, GREAT fireworks show, and the County Fair! Could it be any better???

We started off Saturday July 3rd by heading over to Brookes little friend Brayden's 1st Birthday Party. It was so much fun to hang out with people we have not seen in FOREVER! Here are some shots from the party, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAYDEN!!!!

The next day was the 4th of July. We went to church, and I found that I had my camera in my bag so I took a few shots of Brooke as we were playing in the hall, is that bad??? :/ Then a few at home, I just can't get enough of her cuteness!

Then off to Grandma and Grandpa Robinsons house for the traditional 4th of July festivities!
The girls spent most of the time with the babies....

While the boys were entertaining us with their tricks....

How about a few cute family shots!

After the swimming fun we had a very good BBQ, then off to see the fireworks show. The fireworks in Corona were going to be at a big park this year so we headed over and the park looked like it was already packed. We pulled into the Vons parking lot that was just across the street and just happened to find the PERFECT spot! Could not have been better! We were close but not TOO close for the babies. I loved being close enough to feel the punch in the air of the fireworks, that is THE BEST!!! Brooke LOVED them and the louder they were the more she would giggle. She sat the entire time on my lap in amazement just giggling away! SO CUTE! Here are some shots from our PERFECT firework viewing experience :)
When we first got there Brooke snoozed in the car for a few since it was already past her bed time :)

The very next day we packed up as a family and went to the San Diego County Fair and meet up with my mom and sister and her kids to watch Brooke in her very first race! Kip, Brooke, and I ALMOST did not make it in time for the race because we did not expect the traffic there was. It was the most packed I have EVER seen the fair! How did Brooke do in her crawling race you ask????? NOT GOOD!!!! She did not move even an inch! None of the kids in her heat moved at all, I am thinking if one of them had taken off maybe that would have given Brooke the idea?? Since Kip and I were the ones trying to get her to go, go, go we do not have pictures of it on our camera. I guess my mom has some cute ones on hers so when I can get to them I will post the shots of her just sitting there looking cute :) Either way she got a participant ribbon and had the experience :) Here are some shots from the rest of our day at the fair as a family. This is the FIRST time in the 6 years I have been with Kip that we have been together. Not sure if I can get him to come back, considering I got him to come on the most packed and crowded day I have ever seen there. Either way, we had fun and he was a great sport about it all!

This is the very first photobooth picture Kip and I have ever done and it just happens to be with a very cute little girl.

What a wonderful way to celebrate this great nation that we live in! I am proud to be an American and to have so many freedoms that many others in this world do not get to have! Hope you all had a wonderful 4th as well!


The Hardy's said...

What a busy and fun weekend you guys had! Can you email me those pictures of the guys doing their tricks into the pool? I only had a couple on my camera! Love all your new pics!

Erin said...

what a fun fun fun couple of days. Brooke is growing up so fast and she is such a honey. Those eyes are a killer. Happy 4th of july!

Kelly said...

i love that you found a perfect spot in the vons parking lot. maybe we'll do that next year. cute pictures of little brooke! and i can't believe how big jake is. i still haven't met him. i should come out and visit you guys!

The Perry Family said...

What a great weekend!! You guys lived it up! The fair...on the most crowded day...glad you survived!