Monday, April 26, 2010

Is she REALLY 9 Months Old??? :(

I seriously can't believe that our little baby girl is 9 months old! The thing that freaks me out is that people say that as your kids get older the time seems to fly even faster. I do not like that idea one bit because it is already going by WAY TOO FAST!!!
This has been a BIG month for Brooke, she has changed so much! Brooke is hitting so many milestones right now, it seems daily she discovers something new and exciting! Kip and I are SO, SO, SO, in love with this little person! Brooke is constantly making us laugh with her silly faces and actions, constantly melting our hearts with her cuddles and kisses, constantly making us proud with all the new things she is learning and discovering, and constantly freaking us out by how quickly she is growing and changing.
Let's start with some pictures from her 9 month shoot done by mommy!






So at the beginning of Brooke's 8th month she was getting around pretty well but backwards. The week Brooke turned 9 months old she decided it was time to start moving forward. Kip and I were SO excited to FINALLY see her crawl in a forward direction. She still has not become too difficult since she has been mobile. I think she has not yet figured out just how much she can do now that she is on the move. We are not in a hurry to show her :) O and her crawl is seriously the cutest little thing, it is so dainty! Well for now.

Brooke has also learned how to pull herself up into a standing position. We regularly find her standing in her crib in the morning, she loves to stand up against our couches, the walls, and her little play table. She also loves to pull herself to her knee's and just hang out on her knee's. She is not yet cruising around along the couches or anything but I am sure that will be coming shortly. We also recently got Brooke a walker that she loves! She figured it out the first day and loves that she can eat snacks while she is on the move.

Brooke has also grown quite a bit more hair these days which makes mommy super excited! We are doing a new style, Mommy loves it! Brooke could care less I am pretty sure!

Brooke also claps, she just learned how to wave "Hi" and "Bye" yesterday, she says Baba every single time she sees her reflection and when she sees a baby on TV (we think she is saying baby?), she says Mama, Dada, Gaga, Rara, etc., and the other day it sounded like she was trying to copy me and say Echo, she just mimics our sounds ALL THE TIME, it's like a game to her. I think right now she is just making sounds and really has only made the connection with Baba being baby.
Brooke is IN LOVE with mirrors, her and her daddy have a blast in front of the mirror together, they play little Daddy/Brooke games there and it is SO CUTE!!! Every time we get out of the bath she searches for the mirror to say "Hi" to the Baba.
We just moved Brooke into her "Big Girl" car seat and the transition went well. We have also done a bunch of baby proofing lately. Still more to do! We also dropped her crib mattress down before she started standing.
Brooke's bed time moved to between 7:30-8pm after the time change! Still sleeps through the night (thank goodness)! Still at 2 naps a day and she is now taking longer naps around 2 hours regularly. Mommy loves this! Also still a routine kid and mommy loves this too!
I know there is more but I am forgetting right now. Maybe I will add to this later for my memory.
Her stats today kinda freaked me out but the Dr. was not worried, Brooke normally sits at about the 50% range, today her stats were:
27.5 inches long 44%
17 lbs. 14 oz. 28%
(Brooke has actually lost weight which blows me away because the kid can eat! I do not know if it was her being sick a lot lately with a cold or if it is that she has recently started crawling? The Dr. was not worried but I am going to crack down on her eating and make sure she is getting in as much food as she needs. I need to be a better mom!)
Ok well that is a good idea of the changes that have happened this month. We love this little lady and the amazing spirit she brings into our home. She brings pure JOY to our lives!


The Hardy's said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm one lucky Aunt to have such a pretty little neice! And she is such a TINY thing!!!

Liz said...

Oh, don't worry...they always loose some weight once they start moving and shaking. She sure is one adorable princess!!

I mailed your horse on Saturday. Hopefully you'll get it sometime early this week!!

Amanda said...

I just LOVE all of these pictures. So adorable. Even though she is such a tiny thing, she really looks like she is growing up and taking on that older baby look. I can't wait to see her crawling and standing!!!

jeanine said...

She is just so adorable!