Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love my girls!!!

Last Saturday evening I got to have a night out with some of my girls! We started off the evening with a trip to the very popular Cafe Rio in Lake Forest!

Traci, Erin, & Heather

Kyra, Amy, Carly, & ME

After we stuffed our belly's full as can be, we headed off to the Orange County Great Park. I did not even know this place existed, but they offer free hot air balloon rides (it is tethered to the ground, but goes 500 feet in the air). The also have free ice skating this month. The perfect cheap date night!
I was pretty positive that I was not going to join in on the hot air balloon ride due to my extreme fear of heights. When we got there I was satisfied to see that it is not the wicker basket looking hot air balloon with the fire and all! It has a metal cage type thing that you are in so YOU CAN NOT FALL OUT, and it has no fire at all, just a thick cable that winds you up into the air and then back down. This made me feel that it was safe enough to ride. What really pushed me over the edge to go on was the fact that Heather was willing to bring her 10 month old onto this ride and risk his life! I was not prepared to let a 10 month old boy show me up, so I went! AND SAT ON THE GROUND THE WHOLE TIME!!! :)IT WAS HIGH!!!!

Here we all are hanging out getting ready to board the balloon. Trying not to get too freaked out!

Erin, Traci, my head at the bottom, Mitch, & Heather

Amy, Kyra, & Carly

So happy to be on solid ground again!

They must have just recently taken down the Christmas Deco and we happened to find it in a tent nearby. So of course we had to get a few shots with our new friends!

I love hanging out with the girls from my ward. I feel so blessed to be in such a fun ward with so many girls that get along and have a blast together. Thanks so much Traci for driving and for coming up with such a fun event!


Amanda said...

I still can't believe that you went up in that thing! Nuts!

Hil and Collin said...

that looks soo cool! a great alternative to the other kind of hot air balloon! glad you guys had fun!

The Gray Family said...

oh that was a fun night! Love you girls!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Kelly said...

so much fun! i still have yet to go to cafe rio!