Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tough Little Boys!

This song that is the first song on my playlist, I heard for the first time the other day and it totally made me cry! This song reminds me so much of my sweet Kip! I am SO grateful that we had a little girl first, she has softened her daddy SO MUCH!! It is so sweet to see how gentle and loving he is with his daughter. I know this little lady is going to have her daddy wrapped around her little finger. I charish the days that she prefers her mommy because I know the Daddy's Little Girl days are right around the corner! If you have not yet had the chance to listen to this song you should, it is SO CUTE!!! I am so grateful to be married to a man that loves his girls with all his heart and would do or give anything in the world for us! He is a great father and husband! WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! And I would have to say he is pretty blessed to have us too :)


erin said...

this is a sweet one. Good pick!

The Perry Family said...

So sweet! I know what you mean! those relationships are priceless!