Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our little boy!

Echo was 2 years old in people years last month! I was just looking back at pictures of him the night we got him. HE WAS SO LITTLE!!!! So, so, so, little and cute! Now he is big and handsome! Happy Belated Birthday Echo Boy!

Here is a picture I got of him and Brooke today, we do not even pose them, I just capture these moments! SO SWEET!!! When I take pictures like this I think of the movie Marley and Me and it makes me want to cry knowing that some day Brooke will look back at these and see how long this pup has been in her life. So fun, they already LOVE each other!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Echo boy! I will always remember the day we picked you up and saved you from that retched place we got you. You have grown to be such a handsome boy. One so small with such floppy little ears!
By the way, I swear that Echo and Brooke are making the same face in this picture. It is so cute. And Brookie looks Soooo big!

Kyra said...

echo looks like he could eat her! he's looking tough in that picture. but they are awfully cute together!

Kelly said...

OMG! the pic of echo and brook needs to be your header photo! it's sooooo cute!!