Thursday, January 28, 2010

Half A Year

Our little girl is half a year old!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? I am SO sad to see her growing out of the baby stage but at the same time so happy to see her learning new things every single day.
Brooke has seriously been the BIGGEST Joy in our lives! There is NOTHING better than kissing those chubby cheeks, hearing her giggle, having her lay next to us in bed right when she wakes up in the morning, and well every single little thing she does. Brooke is and has pretty much always been a great baby. We joke that we should not have any more kids because they will all be compared to Brooke, we are pretty convinced none of our other kids are going to be this easy!

6 month stats:
16 lbs. 12 oz. 50%'ish
25 3/4 inches 50%'ish

There are a few things I really want to make sure I remember about Brooke up to this point, so here goes!

~Brooke is a great sleeper and has been since close to 3 weeks of age. She sleeps 12 hours a night and is in bed by 7 pm every evening. Which is wonderful because it gives mommy and daddy special time together :)
~She still LOVES her bouncer and spends plenty of time in it each day! I think she has got to be burning tons of calories in that thing because the girl gets CRAZY!!! It is so, so, so, funny to watch her! She likes to make sure we are watching her tricks and she gets SO happy when we react to her! If we say bouncy, bouncy, bouncy she starts bouncing those little legs! IT'S SO CUTE!!!
~I am pretty sure the 2 favorite times of each day are Brooke's Baby Einstein movie time and her bath time!
Brooke LOVES to watch her Baby Einstein video's. I only let her watch 1 a day, maybe 2 on days she doesn't feel too good. Her favorite video is the "My First Sign's" video. She has favorite characters and there are certain parts that she laughs at every single time they come on. It is SO CUTE!!! I tell myself it is cute because she is learning right?
Her bath is right after dinner time because she ALWAYS makes a total mess! She knows that it is bath time, I am even trying to teach her the sign and when she see's me doing it she starts to get super excited! She loves to splash, wiggle, and play with her little toys and wash cloths!
~The ONLY time I can get Brooke to sit still is reading book time at night. Her favorite book is the Baby Einstein "Touch and Feel Farm Animals" she laughs every time I make the animal sounds. Her favorite is the HORSE, and I am not even kidding, she loves my horsey sound! I am proud! By the way daddy can get her to sit still with him for quite a while and cuddle but this is the ONLY time mommy can get her to sit still.
~Brooke is learning how to shake her head yes and no even though she is not understanding what the head shake means. It is SO funny to watch her nod her head! Totally a new thing for her.
~Brooke's FAVORITE toy is her little car toy and she LOVES to rev the little stick shift part. I am afraid this means she is going to be a speed demon when she is older :( She also loves to pick the thing up in the air and toss it :)
~Brooke is TOTALLY dramatic! She makes these amazingly dramatic faces, it is SO FUNNY!!! She is an over actor for sure!! O an she LOVES to fake cough and fake choke, not cool :)
~She is NOT a good napper during the day. Her naps are usually around 45 minutes long and I get 2 a day, unless I take a drive and then I may get a little more nap time in but what good does that do me when we are in the car?
~She is an INDEPENDENT woman!!! Totally independent! Especially when it comes to food! She HAS to feed herself, even if it is something I can maybe get in with a spoon. She HATES baby food! She SCREAMS if I try it and will not shut her mouth until it drips out all over the place.
~Brooke LOVES the car and enjoys being in her car seat!
~The comfort items are the binkey and the blanket but if I HAD to only choose one of them to bring with me it would be her blanket! SHE IS IN LOVE with her blanket, we do not go anywhere without it :)

OK I can keep going on but I think those are the important ones to me. Here are some shots I got the other day, I did not get many good ones due to the lighting, gotta do another shoot but here are a few that I did get!



Katie said...

I got a lot of good ones. This is your best photo shoot yet! But it helps when you have a subject as cute as Brooke.

I remember feeling exactly like you when we only had all others would get compared to the first. And it would be impossible to have another one as cute, as strong, as smart, as good, etc. as the first. Luckily, they all come with different personalities and different strengths.

She's a great baby.

The Picketts said...

She is ADORABLE and I LOVE these pictures! What a cute baby. Around this age with Gracie - I noticed the same napping schedule! I read a book and it talked about the "40 minute interupter" I guess their sleep cycles are about thatlong and the book suggested after the 40 minutes of sleep - if they wake up to just leave them in there and help them learn to go back to sleep. The first few naps were pretty rough - but even with Sienna I did that - and now she sleeps about 2 hours or so per nap!!! If you want to know more - call or text me....we can chat! I swear by it! :o)

Mashaide said...

What a great way to keep track of all your memories about your baby girl. She is such a cutie!

melissa gargalis said...

super cute baby. Love the naked shots with a beanie, very fun. I can't believe how big she is already-how much she knows and what she can do. Doesn't it just amaze you everyday that someone so little can do all these things? Glad you are fully enjoying your sweet girl. And I'm so jealous of how good she sleeps at night.

The Cook Fam said...

I just love the naked baby pictues! So stinkin' cute with the hat! Just love it! She is adorable and when I read that this was a six month post I thought "No Way!" I can't believe she's already that old.

The Ward Family said...

I LOVE the pics with her hat. Super cute!!

Kelly said...

i love these pictures! the hat is to-die-for! she's definitely a cutie pie!

Amanda said...

I Love these pics! She is so cute in the little beanie and her nude little buns! She makes some great faces too. Looks like she is already getting the hang of mommy photo shoots.
It is amazing to me that she is 6 months. 6 months feels like a big marker in their first life! And to think of how much will happen in these next 6 months. Hold on tight mama!
I agree a bit with Diana. I think she is just waking up out of habit a bit. We can talk about that later.
Love you Brookie!!

The Gray Family said...

I can't even believe that time has gone by that fast. She is TOO CUTE!!! I wish my kids slept for 12 hours at night!

Jessica said...

what a cutie-pie, can't wait to play with her on the 3rd!