Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Biggest Loser Week #3

Ok so this is a little late because I have been waiting on people to turn in their weight loss. Next week be sure to send it in to me by Sunday Evening at mommyjr@gmail.com. I also need $ from those of you who have not yet paid. Come on people :)

This was a HARD WEEK for a bunch of people, the weather really had an impact on these weights I think? Hang in there guys! The weight will come off!!!!

Ok so here goes:
Tony Toliver 4 lbs.
Melissa Gargalis 2 lbs.
Kip Robinson 2 lbs.
Tammie Jones 2 lbs.
Tammy Carlson 2 lbs.
Hilary Hanson 1 lb.
Dev Patel 1 lbs.
Gregg Gargalis 0 lbs.
Sarah Robinson 0 lbs.
Hayley Hanson 0 lbs.
Jackie Hanson 0 lbs.
Meagan Hacker 0 lbs.
Todd Moran 0 lbs.
Jess Allen 0 lbs.
Katie Bruer ? lbs.

If I am missing anybody please let me know and I will get you posted!

Good Luck to you all this coming up week and remember it is not based on pounds lost it is based on your % of weight loss. This posting each week just is motivation to shed those pounds since you have to report each week.

Happy Weight Loss!!!

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