Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where did 3 months go???

Our little lady is now a whopping 3 months old and I find myself wondering where the time has gone? These have been an interesting 3 months of life due to outside circumstances but they have been the most amazing 3 months of our lives at the same time!! This little lady has brought so much happiness into our home. Her little happy sounds that wake us up in the morning, the smiles, the laughs, all of the joy that she radiates has made our lives SO AMAZING!!! She is such a huge blessing to us, I just could not imagine life without this little person in it! I also can't imagine ever loving another child the way I love her!
Here are a few of her 3 month shots!
We think that if Brooke were and animal she would be a turtle by her looks! So why not be a turtle for Halloween?
A few tid bit's about our little Brooke Lyn:
~Brooke is our little 50% baby in weight and height! 13 lbs. 4 oz. & 24 inches long
~She LOVES to laugh
~She cracks up when you tickle her arm pits, tummy, and legs!
~She has discovered her feet, her hands, and her tongue!
~She loves to grab onto her toy and is really good with her hand, eye coordination!
~She loves to roll onto her tummy but then sometimes forgets that she knows how to roll back onto her back and gets super mad until you assist her in rolling back over
~She is TOTALLY a Blankey and Binkey baby!!! She passes out for her naps and night time within 5 minutes if she has them both!
~She lays in her crib in the morning when she wakes up and just talks and laughs at herself and we LOVE to listen to it!
~When she see's me come in and peek over her crib to get her out she has the biggest smile and laughs when she see's me, it melts my heart!
~She LOVES to stand up (with assistance of course)
~She has just started to love her Bumbo
~She likes to spit up and I don't quite like that part
~She is a pickey eater most of the time
~She has a clogged tear duct, and possibly an alergy to something we think may be seasonal
~She loves to be out and about. The days where we do not get out much she seems more restless (her mommy's kid for sure with this)
~She loves it when I sing to her especially "Patty Cake Baker Man"
~She sleeps through the night most of the nights going to bed at 8pm and waking up at 7:30am, if not she wakes up once at 5am'ish!

Brooke is such an easy and plesant baby to have around. I feel like we can take her anywhere and she will adjust well. She is such a blessing to our lives! Thanks Brookie for making our lives SO MUCH BETTER!!!


The Hardy's said...

darling pictures of Brooke! And the turtle pictures crack me up! She looks so pissed in that costume!! too cute!

The Ward Family said...

Beautiful pics. Turtle pics are funny. That's great she sleeps so well. That was always so hard when they wake up throughout the night.

Jessica said...

i love her new pictures, she has such sweet pink lips! The turtle pictures are too funny, i can just hear her thinking "really?! a freakin' turtle! come on now..." she is super cute, and yes you do need to come visit asap, any time really!

Amanda said...

Those did turn out amazing. I need a copy of this to print and put on display. The turtle pics are hilarious. I think her grumpy look in them makes it even better. She is too cute. And growing up so fast. Love you Brookers!

The Perry Family said...

that baby is so cute!!!! Great pictures!!! and that turtle, oh my, love it! she is beautiful!!!

Heather said...

Here eyes are so crazy beautiful!! Such a thick dark rim on them I hadn't noticed before! LOVE it!! Her costume kills me, so cute and perfect for her! I love that all these cute baby costumes have head parts, I think that is what pisses the babies off the most! Mitch is fine in his until you put on the head part and then you really have to distract him somehow!

Traci Elizabeth said...

I LOVE BROOKE! those turned out great! I am so happy you are back!

melissa gargalis said...

cute pictures. Such a lucky girl to have a photographer as a mommy. She'll have lots of pictures that are adorable to share with her kids...

Trent and Kristi said...

very cute! She has quite the furrowed brow expression - which is so funny but cute!

Okay you totally cracked me up doing your "biggest loser post. But that is a great idea - having to be accountable to the public for the weight loss. I will have to remember that next time! But seriously, you just had a baby a few months ago! Don't stress - it will come off - and I think you look great as you are!!!! I totally understand though - just wait til after your second - it just gets harder I think!

She is so cute and I'm glad your knee is healing!

Chris and Jenn said...

Totally cute halloween costume!! cute baby girl too! cant wait to see you guys tonight. Brayden spits up ALL THE TIME, literally we have to change sometimes, its no fun and you are so lucky she sleeps for so long. We are lucky if he goes to bed before 10 and he wakes up once sometimes twice!

Auntie Steph said...

Great pics !
Taking babies out and about is soo good for them, it socializes them and getting them used to it early makes things so much easier as they get older.
Still not sure about the the expression on her face.....

Todd + Emily said...

I can't wait to see her tonight in her costume!!! Love the pictures!!! She is adorable and I love what you said about her!!

Sundbergs said...

Those pictures are so cute. I love her turtle outfit.

erin said...

those blue eyes!!! What a cutie pie. Im glad she is such a happy baby. That makes things alot easier i bet. When are we getting together again?

Ryan and Brindi said...

will you please please please be my photographer!!??? i sooo wish you guys lived close! what a cute turtle costume! i have never seen a turtle costume and she looks so cute in it!

Philip and Melissa said...

oh sarah, she's so darling. great pics, you'll love those forever!