Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I wanted to pay you a huge Thank You to my family for helping take care of Brooke & I for the LONG 6 weeks I was down there in San Diego. I was quite demanding of them considering there was not much I could do on crutches. I know that we were not super convenient to have around and I am grateful for them always making me feel that they were actually happy to have us around. I wish there was something I could do for my wonderful family to pay them back for all of the help they were to Kip, Brooke, & I durring this trying time in our lives.

MOM: Thank You SO MUCH for EVERYTHING!!! For dropping me off at Amanda's in the mornings on your way to work, for picking me up on your way home every day, for making my meals, for working on countless crafts with me, for getting me hooked to new shows, for being the person that could trick Brooke into eating when she was being picky, for putting her to bed every night, for waking up in the middle of the rough nights to help Brooke & I out, and for the many, many other things you did for Brooke and I (this list could go on forever)! I love you SO MUCH and am SO grateful to be your daughter. I will strive for the rest of my life to be the woman you are. You inspire me and I love you so much!

Dad: Thanks so much for letting Brooke and I move back in and wake you up in the middle of the nights sometimes, for not getting mad at my loud voice when I talk, for letting me use your computer, for helping watch Brooke sometimes, and for paying for letting me eat your food and what not's. Love ya dad!

David: Thanks SO MUCH for the nights we would stay up chatting, for the many times you helped me out with Brooke by carrying her from place to place for me, for not complaining when Brooke's crying woke you up, for the rides to my Dr. Appointment and back home, for everything! I love you Ding!!!

Amanda: Thank you for waking up daily to Brooke and I's sounds in your house, for picking me up on the mornings I stayed home, for watching Brooke while I showered, for making all her bottles, getting me diapers, whipes, for letting me steal your chair for 6 weeks, for making me lunches and dinners, for laying Brooke down for me for her naps, for letting me have friends come over and visit me at your house, for teaching me total patience, for carrying my daughter on one arm when we were out and about at the same time as lugging your HUGE son on the other arm, for being a wonderful example of the type of mother I want to be to my children, and over all for taking care of Brooke and I when you were done taking care of yourself. I LOVE YOU!!!

Todd: Thanks so much for sharing your family with me, for letting me constantly be in your house and in your guys ways. Thanks for always making me feel welcome, for letting me eat dinners with you and invade your family time, for feeding me your food. Thanks so much for everything Love Ya!

Makenna: Thanks so much for loving your cousin Brooke o' so very much and for having loved her deeply from the day you found out Rah Rah was having a baby! Makenna you and Brooke will always have a special bond! Thanks for protecting her from baby Kellen, for giving her her Binkey when she needed it (especially in the car), for making sure she has her blankey and if she doesn't than being so kind to share yours with her (I know that is a BIG DEAL), thanks for feeling responsible for her happiness, thanks for making her laugh more than most people can, for talking to her, giving her bottles and helping make them, and for being a wonderful example to her! I love you Makenna!!!

Kellen: Thanks for loving your little cousin and for trying so hard to be gentle even when you are a huge beast of a child, thanks for sharing your mama with Brooke and I, Thanks for teaching Brooke how to handle some serious noise, thanks for helping get Brooke on a schedule, thanks for being delayed in your development in some stuff because a baby was around, thanks for loving your little cousin, I LOVE YOU Kellen!

I think that's everybody! Thank you all, I am sorry I could not thank you for every single thing you did for us! We love and miss you SO MUCH already!

I do have to say though, it is the most WONDERFUL feeling in the world to see this sight again!!! This picture melts my heart!!!

Being home with Kip and back to life, back to reality is WONDERFUL! I do miss my amazing family but being home is AMAZING!!!!!


Amanda said...

Awwww...don't you need another any other surgeries so that you can come and be with us again?! Just joking. I do not wish that upon you and know it must have been so hard to be away from your hubby and home. But we had so much fun with you and still miss you so much. My house seems empty with out my favorite girls!

The Perry Family said...

So sweet! Family is the best! You have such a great one! I love them too! Thanks guys for taking care of sarah and her bebe!

The BRU Crew said...

SO WONDERFUL!! Sarah, you are so cute!! I have to tell ya the PICTURE of KIP and his LITTLE GIRL is ADORABLE!!! SO CUTE!! YOU are WONDERFUL!!!

Sundbergs said...

Glad you are doing better and sounds like you have a wonderful family.

The Gray Family said...

I am happy your family took such great care of you, but we are glad to have you back!

amber said...

family is so awesome (well some at least) and you have a wonderful example of how to be a great mother from your mom. i'm sure even though it was hard on your mom she enjoyed having you guys there. love you