Thursday, October 8, 2009

So Long Summer

Now that the warm weather is leaving us and the cool weather is coming I want to take a look back on some of the past summer events that I never put up here. They can't go forgotten!!!!
At the beginning of the summer, only 4 short weeks after the birth of Brooke we got to spend some quality time with Kip's family down in San Diego! Uncle Rick was in town and so was Kip's cousin Shannon so we wanted to take full advantage of the whole family being together. Unfortunately Gregg had to work so he was not there. We had a great day at Sea World and then back to Paradise Point Hotel for fun by the pool! (where Kate and Maddy from John and Kate + 8 went on vacation) What a wonderful weekend with family, thanks dad and mom Robinson for this amazing weekend! (note: this is also the weekend our new car got hit)
Sea World Baby!!!

Soaked after the rapids ride!!

Brooke and her cousin Hailee at Sea World!

Brooke and I by the pool!

Me, Brooke, Kip, and Rick!!!

Cousin Hailee with Grandma and Grandpa!

Watching a movie by the pool at night!

Look how beautiful this hotel is!!!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Robinson!!!!

Brooke and I also joined in on a girls night at Disneyland with a bunch of super fun girls from my ward! We had a total blast! We need to plan another girls night at Disneyland soon. Or even a couples night if I can get Kip to get an annual pass?Brooke did well being only 5 weeks old!
Getting ready to take the tram in!

The whole group!
Top: Vanessa, Traci, Emily, Kyra
Bottom: Me, Brooke, Jenny, Nicki, Kim, Melissa

Eating at In & Out for dinner at like 1am for a super late dinner!

My sister Amanda, her husband Todd, and their two kids were sealed in the San Diego Temple the end of August for Time and All Eternity. It was such a beautiful sealing and such a beautiful day outside. We have been waiting for this day for a while and it was so special to be there to witness this sweet event. A late congrats to Amanda and Todd!
The newly sealed family!

Hubby and Wife!

Us with Them!

The whole group!

The beginning of September my sister's family decided to take Makenna and Kellen to Disneyland for their first time ever! It was Makenna's BIG Birthday gift. Brooke and I decided to come along (of course we were invited). It was a warm day but a very fun day. It is such a different experience going to Disneyland with a child and watching the world through their eyes. What a fun day we had! Again Brooke was a champ!!!
Brooke in Mickey Ears, not a big fan just yet but she will love it in no time :)

Mommy, Daddy, and Kenna in her first Mickey Ears!!! A special moment in a childs life!

Mommy and Brooke

Auntie and Brooke

I almost took Brooke on Space Mountain but this was her reaction!


Mommy and Brooke in front of the Princess Castle!!!

And last but not least on the list of things I should have blogged about sooner and done a better post on. THE MUD RUN!!! The weekend after my knee surgery Kip was signed up to do the San Bernadino Mud Run with his friend Todd Moran, which his mom and sis were also running. Kip said that this race was totally hard core. One of the hardest races he has ever done!!! They got muddy, the got sweaty, they got wet, they were soar, and they had a total blast! I love ALL of the pictures that I stole from people but I am only going to pick my favorites from the event! I WILL BE THERE NEXT YEAR RUNNING THIS WITH HIM!!!! I guarantee it!!! Doesn't this look so hard core?
Group Shot!!!

Kip and Todd

Kip with his Mom and Sister

The Starting Line getting hit by fire hoses!! I hear it was a hot, hot day and that watter was COLD!!!

Yep there were Helicoptors there too!!!

My Hottie!





Sue (isn't my mother in law SO COOL)


Conqured the race!!!

Kip and Todd all muddy

Kip and his super cool mom


The Hardy's said...

so glad you finally did another post! Looks like you have had a fun summer! Isn't it crazy that it is OVER? Cant wait to see you guys again!
The mud run next year is going to be so much fun! We should get my Dad to do it to so itwill be all us wifes with our spouses!

Hil and Collin said...

WOW! what an awesome summer for you guys! I couldnt help but laugh when i saw those two pictures or Brooke wearing the purple hat! adorable!!!

The Perry Family said...

what an awesome summer! You did lots of fun things....with a little new born! Way to go! btw I have fabric for your
I didn't forget. Pink and green, what do you think? would you rather a different color scheme?

Amanda said...

It is crazy to see the pics of little Brooke at the beginning of the summer and then see her now. She has gotten so big! You are just as nuts as a mommy as I thought you would be....going like crazy. Well, until you had your knee cut up. But you rock girl!

Todd + Emily said...

I knew you would like that up close pic of kip!! I forgot to zoom out! I love all the summer recap you sure have had a FUN one! Can't wait til you come home!!

The Cook Fam said...

We miss you guys!!!! Brooke is so cute and I wish we were there to see her grow up! Looks like summer was awesome! Miss you tons!!!!

Sundbergs said...

I love all those pictures. Looks like a lot of fun. I love those pics of everyone running in the mud looks like a tough run. Glad you guys had some great summer moments