Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 Month Post


Brooke is now close to 2.5 months old and I am finally rolling around to getting up her 2 month post... oops! You would think that since I am here in San Diego all laid up that I would have the time to stay current on my blog...right??? Well NOPE! Kip described my life well, it is like being on a 24 hour ride along with my family. It is WONDERFUL don't get me wrong, but I seem to have a hard time finding time to do the things I am getting behind on like blogging, paying my bills, even taking showers because most of the time I am on someone elses schedule. You know what I'm saying? Anyway no complaints here just explaining why I am behind. So here I am to catch you up on what happened in between months 1 & 2 of our little Brooke's life. QUITE A MONTH I must say!!!!
Lets start off with a few pictures of our now 2 month old!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Well at Brooke's 2 month appointment she weighed in at 11 lbs. 4 oz. and was 22.5 inches long both weight and height being in the 50'th percentile! She is healthy and strong and the doctor says she looks great! Brooke has learned quite a bit and has changed a lot this month! It is absolutely AMAZING how fast these little ones change and grow. SO much happens in even just 1 month. In between months 1 & 2 of Brooke's life these are all of the places she explored!
Sea World 1 time!

Disneyland 3 times!

Las Vegas 1 time!

The San Diego Temple 1 time!

Brooke has been giving us quite wonderful little smiles since she was about 4 weeks old but we finally got some of them on camera, she is even learning how to laugh! Kip and I both think that the sound of a baby's laughter is the BEST sound in the entire world!!!!
(I know you just saw those pictures but I had to put them in her official 2 month post)

Brooke has also learned how to hold up her head during her dreaded tummy time! She no longer HATES tummy time so much since she can look around quite a bit more and her face is not just smashed into the ground. Here she is showing off her head holding up skillz.

On her official 2 month birthday she taught herself how to roll onto her side and has been doing it like CRAZY ever since then. This is actually taken the day she learned to roll onto her side. Soon she will be rolling all the way over, CRAZY!!

Brooke has become my best buddy since my knee surgery that I got when she was 8 weeks old! She has adjusted really well to my sedentary lifestyle and she brings such joy to me every single day! I feel so close to her having gone through this all with her by my side. Here are some pictures from the whole knee thing.
One of my best buddies!!!! Bonding with Mommy! Brooke with her daddy on one of the visits down here! Brooke has taken many naps in the cracks of chairs since this surgery. When I do not have anybody around to bring her to her bed for me this is where she ends up if I need to put her down for any reason. Since my surgery I dried up and can no longer produce breast milk so Brooke has become a bottle baby full time! Here is a pictuere of her daddy administering his first bottle to a baby EVER! SO SWEET!!!

Brooke has also fallen DEEPLY IN LOVE with her little baby toy! She can seriously play under here for an hour talking to herself and totally cracking herself up, it is the cutest thing EVER!!!!!

And for her 2 month birthday we got her shots and 3 days later got her ears pierced! I am SO HAPPY WE DID!!! She told me that she loves them! I love them and this is my theory on why we got them done NOW for all of you who think I am evil! I KNOW that she is going to want them some day and I figure why not just do it now when she will not remember the pain, will not be able to grab and play with her ears, when her little hands are not dirty and are less likely of causing an infection, and why not have her be SUPER CUTE for longer??? So we did it! She cried less for her ears being pierced than when she got her shots, SERIOUSLY!!! Here are a few shots the night we got them done, see he is happy!

Well in about 2 weeks you will be getting her 3 month post and I HOPE to be better at this! I still have about 4 posts to do to be caught up on lifes happenings! I am trying to get on it!


Hil and Collin said...

Wow Sarah, she is beautiful and just too darn cute! I can't imagine how wonderful being a mom must be! I hope that not only will my babies be that cute but that i'll be a cute and fun mommy too! I can't wait tll Xmas so we can come see her finally!

Amanda said...

This girl lives a crazy life already...and she is only 2 months. (well, almost 3, but you know...) :) She is certainly the daughter of Sarah and Kip.
She is beautiful and growing up so much right now. I love her smiles, her coo's and her silly faces. She is so much fun, my little Brookington!

Jessica said...

SARAH! she is sooo cute, i'm glad you got her ears pierced, they look adorable! How often does kip get to see her? you are lucky to have such a close family taking care of you, you can tell you and that baby are loved :) hope to see you soon, get well!

The Perry Family said...

Disneyland 3 times? that lucky girl! She is so smiley and cute! Her earrings look good!

Susann said...

She has the most beautiful blue eyes! Looks like your doing great, don't worry you will be up and walking/running soon.

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