Monday, September 7, 2009

Made By...

I had to take some pictures of little Brooke in these 2 dresses before she grew out of them because they are some of my very favorite outfits she has in this size and best of all they were made my my wonderful friends!!!
This first Dress was made by my friend Meagan and I just LOVE IT!!!!
The bow is made by my friend Katie Gunnell and I LOVE IT!!!
The bracelet was made by ME and I LOVE IT!!!!
This next dress was made by my friend Melissa and I LOVE IT!!!!
The bow was made by my same friend Melissa to go with the dress and I LOVE IT!!!!
And the beautiful little girl was made by Kip and I and WE LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!


Dacia said...

love the dresses, they are so cute!

Meagan said...

you are too cute! and your baby is too!!! can't wait to celebrate with you tonight at the happiest place on earth!!!

Katie said...

This makes me want a baby girl to sew for. Love it!

Melissa + Brett said...

I LOVE THE BLACK AND WHITE PIC! What amazing friends to MAKE a dress for your baby girl. Too sweet!

Anonymous said...

Love the dresses!

Amanda said...

You have some good friends. I will let them know next time I have a girl :)
I love your ending comment. You are silly...but you should be proud because she is gorgeous!