Friday, September 11, 2009


On Sunday, August 23'rd our little Brooke was given a name and a blessing by her daddy! Those who participated were Kip Sr., Tyler Carlson, Danny Wyrick, Todd McKamey, Rick Robinson, Gregg Hardy, Bishop Hughes, Todd Moran, Clint Hannon, &Matt Thompson. Kip did an absolutely AMAZING job blessing her, I could not have been more happy! I started crying at the very beginning when he was talking about what a blessing she is to he and I. Kip was very thoughtful with all of the words that he chose and I could tell it came straight from the heart and was deeply meant. What a wonderful experience it is to see your husband use his Priesthood in such a manner. I would have to say I am glad that it is the fathers that have the responsibility to bless their children, what pressure that must be? But like I said Kip did an amazing job, little Brooke is lucky to have such a fantastic daddy who adores her so much! Kinda a funny and freaky thing is that little Brooke had 11 men all together participating in this blessing, all with a hand on her, and she almost fell out of their arms at one point. She suddenly decided to do a roll and thank goodness the guys caught her. I would have been so upset if 11 men could not hold 1 baby. But all was well, she did not cry much at all, and she came out unharmed and full of incredible blessings from her daddy!
The day was wonderful to be able to spend it with family and close friends! I kinda dropped the ball with the whole inviting people to her blessing and I feel so bad to this day for it. I was and still have been a bit overwhelmed with life and it had been o' so busy up until that point that I really did not plan as much and as detailed as I should have for her blessing. I wish I would have invited more extended family and friends. Please forgive me all of you that I did not invite. I am truly so sorry! We did have a great day with our families in town. Almost everybody from both sides of our immediate family were able to be there for the occasion which is really hard to do. We had a wonderful time after the blessing having a nice brunch back at our place and just visiting. I love that Kip and I's families get along so dang well, we all just feel like one big happy family and it is just the best!
Brooke's dress is a very special dress to me and I hope that it will be to each of our girls. Her dress was made by her Grammy Carlson out of my wedding dress! The front of her dress is the train of my wedding dress and it worked out just perfectly! I was SO happy with how the dress turned out and will be forever grateful to my mom for doing that for our little girls! I made her bracelet the night before and my friend Katie Gunnell made her little headband and flower. The flower is also made out of material from my wedding dress. Everything was hand made and with love! Thanks to all!
Here are some pictures from that wonderful day!
Brooke Lyn Robinson
Daddy & Mommy with their little princess

Group shot

Both sides of our family

Grandma & Grandpa Robinson, Mommy, Daddy, & Brooke, Grammy & Pa Carlson, PaPa Wyrick

Carlson Family

Robinson Family

Mommy & Brooke

Daddy & Brooke

Grandma & Grandpa Robinson with Brooke

Grandma & Grandpa Carlson with Brooke

The Grandma's & Brooke

The Grandpa's & Brooke

Front of dress

Back of dress


Katie said...

I can't believe kid is giving a blessing to his own kid. When did he grow up? And me too for that matter?

THat dress is awesome. MY kids blessing suite were made from my wedding dress fabric, too. Only homemade baby boys clothes are kinda dorky. But it's significant to me anyway.

Wheeler Family said...

What a beautiful dress! I love that mom did the same thing with her wedding dress and that is how I was blessed. If I ever have a girl I want to use the same dress. So just think--you are starting a great tradition that Brooke could carry on!

The Ward Family said...

So sweet. That is amazing that your mom did that. I've never heard of that but it is the best idea. So cute and memorable.

Emily said...

What a special day! I am glad to see all of you together. I have also thought that was a little nerve racking to get up their and give a blessing. Those are beautiful pictures of her and the dress is stunning and so special that it was your wedding dress.

melissa gargalis said...

That dress is beautiful. I have heard of doing that. Kind of hung on to my dress hoping maybe I could do that...=) Love all the pictures of your family. You look great!

Sundbergs said...

That is so cute. What a great idea. She will love that dress as she grows up. What a special day to share with family.

Todd + Emily said...

I love that you made her dress out of your wedding dress. She looked so beautiful!!! Kip did a great job on the blessing and Todd was really glad he was able to be apart of it!!!

Todd Family said...

that is such an awesome idea!! i might have to steal that idea one day when we start having kids! she looks so cute in that dress! i'd imagine it was a special day! congrats! :)

Heather said...

Her and that dress is just so precious!! Kip did a great job, I'm sad Seth missed it! Brunch was great, we need to do another sonn... just cause! ;)

Amanda said...

I really think that dress is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. Kip gave an amazing blessing and Brooke was such a good little baby! That was a fun day. Your little girl is adorable!

Jessica said...

gasp! you totally did drop the ball, we would of totally been there...but i GUESS i'll forgive you ;) That dress is beautiful! i may just pay your mom to do the same for me, if she would be interested? I really wanted to do it for riley's blessing but just never got around to finding the lucky seamstress, now i want to make a little boy one-just in case, and a littel girl one out of my dress...brook's came out BEAUTIFUL! your mom is amazing! seriously let me know if she would let me pay her to do it :)

The Gray Family said...

it was a beautiful blessing, and what a cool idea for a dress!