Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's DONE and I'm READY!!!

All along this pregnancy I have been telling myself that I have got to make it through this specific weekend before any crazy stuff started happening with the birthing process of this baby. I know the likelihood of me delivering early is not super duper high but when you have a wedding booked to be their photographer exactly 2 weeks before your due date you worry!
Well yesterday was the wedding and I made it through it, thanks in a huge part to the understanding bride and groom and my wonderful mothers help! My mom was so sweet and spent the entire day with me as my assistant and BOY was I glad she was there. First of all I loved the mother and daughter bonding time we got in, and Secondly she was such a HUGE HELP and comfort to me! So THANKS MOM!!!!! I did get a bit of sun, some seriously swollen feet, and a few small contractions but otherwise all was well!
SO NOW I AM READY!!! This little Brooke can make her way into the world whenever she would like to and I will not complain at this point!!! I still have lots of stuff to do before she comes of course (but if it does not all get done she will still survive and so will I)! I will of course keep you updated!
As for now our air is broken AGAIN (it breaks every single time we turn it on, which is hardly ever) so it is a million degrees in my house, I am pregnant as ever and miserable, Kip has a cough that will not let up and those things are stressing me out. They all need to be taken care of before she comes or I will be worried!
OK well love you all and enjoy your week, I know I am going to be doing lots of walking, cleaning, getting of foot massages, squatting, and other important things to encourage this little lady to make her way outside of me and into our arms!


Todd + Emily said...

Well I hope Kips cough goes away that is no bueno!!! Girl I can't believe you shot a wedding that is awesome!!! I will definetely let you know when I'm going to the pool next so you can cool off!

Rick Robinson said...

GOOD JOB SARAH!!! I am way excited for you to have it!!

Hil & Collin said...

wow! you are like super future mom! no ac and a wedding?! i cant wait!!!! the anticipation is killin me!

Amanda said...

After talking to you today I am nervous and excited about the prospect of you having her so soon. For some reason I don't feel quite prepared for her to be just feels like these last few weeks happened so fast. But in all reality, I CAN"T WAIT to see her little face and hold my baby niece!!!!!!!!!

The Perry Family said...

Yay! Weddings can be stressful! I can't believe you did one 2 weeks before D-day! I'm glad it went well! I can't wait to see pics of your cute little baby! Good luck!

Kelly said...

so glad you made it through the wedding... i was seriously worried!