Monday, May 18, 2009

A Horse or Two!!!

I had the coolest Horse themed shower this past weekend thrown by my Auntie Stephanie. It was a family shower and it was O' SO MUCH FUN!!! Get all us crazy "Kret Women" (that's my mom's maiden name) together and you are in for some CRAZY FUN!!!! It was perfect because we played some pretty entertaining games that my mom and sister put on and we were all about on the floor laughing half the time. Here are some pictures from my shower. O' and did I say there was a horse or two in attendance! Thanks Auntie Stephanie and all of you that attended this shower!
The Decorations were SO CUTE!!!

I even had Horsey Fruit!!
The Shower throwers, Pat, Auntie Steph, and Pam, THANKS GUYS!!!
Makenna diggin on the HUGE stuffed horse, you can even sit on it, how cool is that???
Which candy bar is that melted inside the diaper??? Auntie Amber says why not taste it???
Makenna was grossed out, all she see's is her brothers poopy diapers and then Auntie Amber eating out of one... poor child :)
And the Bottle Chugging Contest (babies sure make this look WAY easier than this really is)

Auntie Amber was not messing around, although if you look close she is wearing most of the juice. She did kick everybody butt though!
Some presents!

Look at all these horses I got from Auntie Stephanie at this shower, Brooke better LOVE horses!!! I sure do!
Daddy's present from Auntie Steph, it's a Daddy Diaper Changing Kit and its so cute and funny!!!
And then here is me getting SUPER HUGE and YES I am in a bathing suit and I have a head, aren't I super nice??? I am posting pictures every 2 weeks now because I am growing so quickly now, but just one shot on the middle of the month weeks :)


The Picketts said...

Ok - that belly of yours is adorable! I don't even FIT in my swim suit belly hangs out of the bottom - and NOT in a cute pregnant way at all! I'm so glad that youa re getting to experience ALL of this fun stuff like showers and whatnot. It was my favorite thing with Gracie...I almost feel bad we haven't done anything with this baby - but that's what happens when you don't NEED anything! :o)

Meagan said...

what a fun shower! I love all the horse themed stuff- what a creative family you have! You look hot in your bathing suit- I want to be at the pool right now!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Holy Cow..I will have to bring Olivia over..she LOVES horses. Super cute.

Jessica said...

wowow! time is flying, i can't believe how pregnant you are...32 weeks!!! that is so awesome, you look great! Cute bathing suit too! I hope i look that good at 32 weeks. just think in 6 weeks, you could have this baby totally healthy, hopefully she will stay til 40 weeks and not a day longer. but wow! Cute shower, that's a lotta horses! I love the clothes you got for brook!!!!!

The Hardy's said...

Wow! So many horses! Baby showers are so much fun! And look at your belly! The doctors don't lie when they say the last trimester is when the baby gains all the weight! You look great!

Heather said...

FUN!! Aren't your own baby showers the BEST?!! Love all the horses and your Aunt Amber is a riot with that bottle!! Cannot wait till the ward one! :)

amber said...

what an awesome shower steph throws. couldn't ask for more or better food, decorations, games (ok one was a little weird, ask makenna what she thought of people tasting dirty diapers) and FUN! its wonderful to see you so happy and gorgeous!!! love you

Amanda said...

You look totally cute sissy. I am so happy to see a pregnant picture with a head! Brooke is getting strong in there. I can't believe we will see her so soon!
The shower was a blast. And hey, your little Brooke will never want for horses

Dacia said...

What a fun shower! She seriously better like horses :)