Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Sweetheart!

I just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful, amazing, fantastic, breathtaking husband! I seriously feel like I married the most wonderful man in the entire world and I honestly feel like I found the other half of me! I am so grateful for Kip and all the happiness, adventure, laughter, fun, love, security and more he brings into my life daily! He is my world, my everything and I do not know what I would ever do without him! I hope to never take what I have for granted and to always know how very blessed I am to be married to such a perfect person for me! Happy Birthday to my very Best Friend in the entire world!
Here is a slide show I put together last year for him and I wanna play it again. Enjoy!
Video of Kipper's Life
I promise to write SO MUCH MORE tomorrow but as for the rest of my evening, it is being spent with the Birthday Boy and not on this computer so ........ TO BE CONTINUED........
Ok I am back!
So this is how Kipper's Birthday went!
Well we got to enjoy lunch together after I got done doing books, I meet up with him and enjoyed my free meal I get from work. After sharing lunch we headed over to Kipper's parents house to Celebrate with them. His very anticipated birthday gift had come in the mail and was waiting patiently for him to come snatch it up. We hung out for about an hour with his Mom, Dad, Sister, and Hailee and got to sing Happy Birthday and open presents. I wish I had my camera there, but I forgot to bring it! His parents got him this Pellet Gun that he has been craving since he has shot Clint's. His sis and her fam got him Pellets and a favorite candy of ours, even Brooke's (convenient for me :) ). Kipper was SO STOKED!!!! He tried it out there at home in his parents backyard a little bit and then we headed off. I had a Doctor's appointment at 2 so we had to jam. Brooke is doing very well, healthy, they think she is head down (YEAH), and I am doing well and healthy as well. When we got home Kipper and Clint had plans to get together and shoot. I love these 2 boys together, you would think it is Kipper's 10'th Birthday but nope it's his 28'th:) I am sure when he is 50 he is still going to be wanting gifts like this and spending his Birthday this way. I LOVE MY BIG KID!!!
I came over and got a few shots (photo's) and also got to participate in the SHOTS from Kipper's new gun as well. I hit a big glass bottle on my very first try and totally broke it, I WAS SO PROUD!!!! It must be that it is a super nice gun and not my skills! Here are some of the Shots from the shooting!

As Kip and I were shooting after Clint and Kade left we had the police helli fly over us and circle us like 3 times, it was CRAZY!!! I think they saw were we were, that we were not being too naughty and that I was SUPER PREGNANT and decided we were not too much of a threat because they did not even send any cops up our way to check on us. So crazy!
Here are the cheap presents that I got him, but he was super thankful. I did a candy board letter thing that made him laugh, and I got him a hand held voice recorder so he can record for me and his postarity the crazy and amazing stories and things that have happened to him in his life. Kinda like a vocal journal, we deciede that is what would be best for Kipper to do. I can't wait for him to start using this because this guy has STORIES!!!!

That night Kip and I went to our favorite Restaurant El Torito and enjoyed a free meal he had gotten for it being his Birthday. SUPER YUMMY!!!! We came home and totally crashed and it was a fabulous day! I hope Kipper loved his Birthday, he sure deserved to have a good one!
I love you my sweetheart small animal killer you!


The Fien Family said...

This is the Kipper I remember growing up with!

David & Natalie said...

sarah- i love this slideshow! i love seeing pictures of friends when they were kids. so cute!

Todd + Emily said...

Love all the pictures. my fav is the two different jumping ones!!! Happy Birthday Kip I hope you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!!

Jessica said...

HAHAHHAAH riley was watching the slidewhow with me and said "who's that?" so i said "kip" and she said "pip" haha i think that is a suiting name...pip...anyway tell him we wish him a happy birthday :)

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Bik! We hope you had a great day and makenna is looking forward to having cake with you next time she sees you.
It was interesting to see pictures of him as a little one knowing that the two of you will have a little one in just a couple of months!

Anderson Family said...

Happy Birthday Kip! That is such a fun slide show. It must be that all men born on May 28th make amazing husbands; we are pretty lucky ladies :)

Lil' Angel said...

Happy Birthday Kip!!

The Hardy's said...

Happy Birthday Kipper! Love your gun! I wanna shoot it! Ans Sarah you look awesome shooting it too!