Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daddy vs Doberman

So it almost seems to be our nightly routine now, when Daddy gets home it's time to play! I know it is silly that our dog knows us as Mommy and Daddy, but he does! Daddy walks in gives me a kiss and a hug, and then it is Echo's turn. Echo just can't help himself, as soon as he see's Daddy all he wants to do is wrestle, it is SO CUTE!!! So almost every night Echo and Daddy have a wrestling match! Daddy always wins, he has to be the Alpha Male right??? I love to sit and watch and just crack up at the moves they pull on one another, it is so funny! I never choose to get in the middle of it or join in. I like Echo knowing that Daddy is his wrestling buddy and to leave Mommy out if it!
This particular evening I decided to capture the match on digital film. Here goes!!!
Round 1:
They are both FULL of energy and going strong!!!

Round 2:
Daddy starts taking charge, Echo is getting a little nervous!

Round 3:
Echo is ready for his come back, not quite ready to throw in the towel!

Round 4:
Daddy takes the lead again, looks like it is over for Echo!!!

Count it 1-2-3 PINNED!!!
Echo throws in the towel and knows that he has been beat once again, Daddy is the Alpha Male!!

My Exhausted Boys!!!

They Shake on it, GOOD MATCH!!!

And are Buddies Once Again!!!

I love my little family so far, with the little Bean on the way, life could not be more wonderful!


Chris & Tammy said...

lol:) so cute. I love the hand shake at the end. Yeah, you guys are definetly ready for kids!

Meagan said...

that was a great wrestling match, i feel like i was there!

Collin and Hilary Hanson said...

way cute! i love it! you guys are going to be such good parents!!! im so excited for you! im here in ca now, when are we gonna get together??

Chris and Jenn said...

Chris does the same thing with our pups! We need to get them together very soon! miss ya guys!

Amanda said...

That is so cute! Kip is hilarious! He is going to be such a good daddy to his human babies if he is already this great with his furry, animal one.

Emily said...

So very cute, great story! haha :)

Susann said...

That's a big dog! Hey, Sarah if you come up this way you better stop and see us! Just let me know when and I will try and have Marie here.