Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Free Style

So Kip and I seem to always wait till last minute to carve our Halloween Pumpkins. I have had them at our house for about a week, and you would have thought that we would have had them carved for our party, but no, we like to procrastinate! Last year we were carving them ON HALLOWEEN as the trick or treaters were knocking on our door. This day we moved it forward 2 days from last year and will actually have them carved for Halloween. We have some friends that seem to be in the same procrastinate boat as us so we decided to have a dinner/pumpkin carving/movie party last night after our brutal leg work out at the gym! SO MUCH FUN!!! Loved how they all turned out! So here you go a few fun pics from last night as we carved with Todd and Emily Moran at their place while watching Ghostbusters 1, SO FUN!!!!
Intently trying to decide on the face???? Big and very serious decision!

The Finnished Products! Kip's, Sarah's, Todd's, & Emily's!

Kip's All Lit Up!

Sarah's All Lit Up!

Together, FOREVER!!!


Amanda said...

You guys are cute as can be. And far more creative than I could ever be. Mine would have come out with triangle eyes and a jagged mouth.

Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME! You guys ROCK at that!

Todd&Emily Moran said...

DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! Your guys looks so freaking cool lit up!!! That was way fun and I love the picture of TODD!!!

Dacia said...

Those look great! You guys are too cute! Thanks for all your very sweet comments on my blog. You're such a doll!

Emily said...

What fun pumpkins! I love yours Sarah!

Patrick and Effie said...

ha ha I love it! yours looks awesome!! carving pumpkins is the best part of halloween!