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Going back in time.... July 2011

Time to play catch up! I have actually been pretty bummed out lately that I have let my relationship with facebook get in the way of my blog, which to me is my family journal. I constantly think of things I want to post on my blog and then just never sit down and do it. The thing I love about blogging is that you write down all of those little moments that you so easily could forget. I have the worst memory ever and it just kills me to think that all the little things my kiddies say and do will likely be forgotten if I do not get back on this blogging thing. So here I am. Catching up so I can get 2011 put into a book. Sadly I need to start all the way back in July to capture it all! Until I get current I am just going to do my posts by the month. I will miss a lot of little details I am sure but it is better than doing nothing at all right?
Here goes!
July 2011
So I have, of course, already forgotten why Kip was not with me, but Brooke and I spent the 4th of July weekend down in San Diego with my parents. I remember that weekend was crazy HOT and crazy HUMID! We went the morning of the 4th to my parents wards breakfast they do every year on the 4th. I was a GIANT pregnant woman and remember getting quite a few comments on it.
Here are a few pictures of my little Bug in her festive outfit that I threw together last minute. I now notice how dang short her dress was... she will not be aloud to wear dresses this short ever again :)

After the breakfast I had my Mom take a few maternity shots of me. Everybody was SURE I was going to have Kipper early due to my size so we wanted to make sure to get some shots done this weekend. I was due July 26th (I think?) Here are a few of my favorites of our make shift Maternity shoot.

Later that day Brooke took a swim with her Uncle Ding (David). She was not such a super fan of swimming in the deep pool this summer but Ding got her to enjoy it quite a bit that day!

As for that evening, we watched fireworks from my parents backyard, played with glow sticks, made Smores by the fire pit, and had fun! Brooke LOVED the fireworks and was obsessed with fireworks for weeks afterward. Every time we would go back to my parents house she was expecting a firework show in the evening, it was cute! I also do remember that night while I was sleeping I was SURE Kipper was going to break out of my stomach. I seriously was SURE he was going to burst his water sack because he was trying moving so dang aggressively that I was in serious pain. I was stoked.... and then nothing happened :)

Sometime in July (can't remember when?) Papa Wyrick came down from Utah to visit with us all. I think it was for Brooke and Conner's Birthday party, to help Amanda after she had ankle surgery, and in hopes that I would have Kipper on time... no such luck there.
One day Amanda and Papa came up with the kiddies and we all meet at Auntie Laurie's pool and had a play date with Hailee and Jakers. I LOVE it when both sides of the family get together like this and all the kids play. It is so much fun to me, it makes my heart feel super happy!

Another time Papa and I took Makenna, Kellen, and Brooke to a park down in Mission Bay. I was pretty useless because I was miserably hugely pregnant but I think Papa and the kids had a great time playing on the toys and with the kites.

Daddy and Brooke had a double date quad riding night with Uncle Gregg and Hailee. They had a blast!

And lastly for July it is always tradition, pregnant or not, to go to the Del Mar Fair or now known as the San Diego Fair. We look forward to this every year. I don't have many pictures of our trip this year for some reason? I have a tradition, that I stole from my sister, of taking a picture with my kid(s) each year in the little photo booth. Here are the pictures side by side of Brooke when she was 1 and then just a year later when she was almost 2. What a change! The funniest part is that without knowing we did the same poses as we did the year before, in the order that we did them in the year before. You shall see what I am talking about if this is making no since to you.

Happy July 2011!!!!

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