Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Visit Home

While Kip was out of town Brooke and I took a 5 day trip down to San Diego to visit my family. I go down there often but don't normally stay 5 days. This was a fun break from the day to day here and it was nice to have the company and the help with Brooke.
One of the days Brooke got brave and learned a new trick while we were playing in Amanda's backyard. I was freaked out a bit, she just seems so small to be doing big stuff like this, but after a while she was out there on her own just climbing up the play set and sliding down the slide over and over again. Here is my non baby learning new and scary things! I am proud of her!
While at Amanda's house we had a fun time after lunch one day decorating cupcakes with homemade frosting that Amanda made. The kids had a blast, ok and so did I! You can't blame us, the frosting was AMAZING!
Makenna was most likely the most mature one here. She actually did get quite a bit of frosting on her cupcake. Some still went straight into her mouth but she did a pretty great job. Way to go Kenna Mae!
Kellen had a very smart tactic. He got the frosting on his knife and then very carefully dipped the frosting in his sprinkles making sure he got the perfect amount of sprinkles. Then straight into his mouth the perfect mixture went. Bud Bud you crack me up!
The only frosting that touched Brooke's cupcake was the frosting I put on it trying to show her what she was supposed to be doing. The rest went straight from the kife into her cute little mouth. At least my child will eat frosting, she will not eat much but she will eat frosting!
And then there was me! TOTALLY EXCITED to stuff my face with a frosting filled cupcake! I'll just say that Baby Kip wanted it, BADLY!!!
We also had an evening at Grammy's house where she made us all personal sized little cakes that we decorated. As soon as I get the photo's I will add them here. It was a frosting filled weekend I must say! I also must say that my little Mini cake looked the best, of course it would :)
Amanda also got this cute picture of me with all the little chickens reading. I sure love my Nieces and Nephews and am so glad they all get along so well with my little Brooke!
Lastly, I grow little petite kiddo's and my sister grows giant kiddos! Saying that here is a picture of Brooke and Conner taking a bath together. He is a day less than a year younger than Brooke and here, other than Brooke looking more mature than Conner, they sure look like they could be twins. I actually think Conner looks bigger than Brooke now! Yep, we knew the day would come that Conner would pass up Brooke. Just did not think it would be when the kid was 8 months old!
I love living close to both of our families! I love that Brooke loves her Grandparents SO MUCH and knows them all so well! I love that Brooke has special relationships with each of her Cousins and knows each of their names! It is such a heart melting thing to watch them all play together and have a blast! As Brooke gets older these moments just get more and more fun!
All and all a very fun and MUCH NEEDED trip home!


Amanda said...

I always love your trips down here! Can't get enough of two of my favorite girls! (And little K in your belly of course!!) The cupcakes were fun. And I like that Brookie has learned to brave the playsets and that she has grown and learned in her Aunties backyard :)

The Perry Family said...

that's so fun!