Monday, December 20, 2010

Trash Digger!

So lately Brooke has been very interested in the concept of the trash can. I find her tearing up pieces of paper and going back and forth throwing away her trash. It is so cute! If you tell her to throw something in the trash she will happily go and do it!
We have encountered a few problems with her love of the trash can tho! First she does not totally understand the concept of what is "trash" and what is not "trash" so we have found things like remote controls hair bows, toys and more in the trash can. I am constantly checking the can to make sure ONLY trash is in it!
Our other problem we encountered is that she does not realize that the trash can is only for putting trash IN not taking it OUT! I am constantly finding her digging in our cans. This day in particular I was on the computer and Brooke was quiet behind me for quite some time. I look back and this is what I find! My little TRASH DIGGER!!!!
P.S. SEE she does not ALWAYS have a bow in her hair :)


Jan said...

I'll take a container of ice cream over a bow any day! Very cute post....she's going to want revenge someday for those pictures.

Mashaide said...

Even without a bow in her hair and already thrown away ice cream on her face, she's still cute!

The Picketts said...

Too funny! People used to ask me that same question about Gracie.."Does she SLEEP with bows in her hair too?" ha ha ha. Of course, now she actually TELLS me she wants a bow and USUALLY which one :o) So cute!

Auntie Steph said...

I can only imagine your reaction to this...I'm gonna guess she was in the bathtub rather quickly :)

amber said...

these are the times that you will laugh about later, what a riot!!! still adhorable even with ice cream all over her face. love you!!

Tammy and Chris said...

lol. These pictures are great!