Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

I was recently inspired to try sidewalk chalk with Brooke after viewing a friend of mine's blog. Her little son looked like he had a TOTAL BLAST playing with the chalk and ended up drawing all over himself. I thought this sounded fun and decided to set aside my anal side and just let Brooke get messy and have a blast. I was not quite sure if she would get it or not being only almost 15 months but boy was I wrong! She colored, she did a ton of KISSING the Kitty Cat, trying to eat the chalk, and just having fun outside in the fresh air! I had a blast just watching her soak it all up! She is seeming SO BIG these days, it is breaking my heart and getting me excited all at the same time :) Enjoy her art and her sweet dirty face! Thanks Brindi and Aiden for the fun idea!






The Picketts said...

That is AWESOME! I love it! Sienna and Brooke would have a BLAST together. Sienna LOVES sidewalk chalk! You're such a cute mom!

Mashaide said...

That is so cute. She is so cute!

The Gray Family said...

that is the face of a girl who is having fun :>) So cute!

amber said...

love to see you grasping life to the fullest with your little piece of heaven. she is so sweet. thanks for sharing, you always make me smile. love you!!!!

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