Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

These are a few of my favorite things, well because they are a few of Brooke's favorite things, and what makes my baby happy makes me happy!!!

This is Brooke's Buddy that she cuddles with in her crib! She really loves this little guy, and I love that she does because it is a horsey!! Good Choice Brooke, Good Choice!! I will let you name him but for now I will just call him your buddy!

THIS IS OUR LIFE SAVER!!! Brooke is a blankey girl for sure! Her blankey goes everywhere with us! I would say she is way more attached to this then any other comfort object. It is so cute, if you touch it to her face when she is tired her eyes roll back and she is out! I am so thankful for this pink piece of material!

And Brooke adores her daddy! Every time she sees her daddy she gets the biggest smile on her face! He sure knows how to make this little girl laugh! My heart skips a beat every time I see them together. I am SO glad we had a little girl first! I am also so glad that she looks just like her daddy, it is super cute and super sweet! I love these pictures of them! (Daddy, just got back from the gym so he has his shirt off, he is not nude, don't worry :) )

Daddy has his girls smitten!!!

What a wonderful life!


Amanda said...

Does Daddy have his girl smitten, or does his girl have him smitten? Maybe both?! Very cute. I love that she is a blanky kid. I love having blanky kids....I think it is way fun and also very nice having them have something they love.

Melissa + Brett said...

Love that you clarified that daddy wasn't naked. You are hilarious! She is sooooo cute.