Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Biggest Loser Week #7

We are at the half way point about now!!!
The competition is still going on I have just been slacking on posting the results, partly because it has been hard to get some of the numbers. From this point on if I do not receive your numbers by Sunday evening I will just put your # down as a 0 for the week until you call me and tell me otherwise.
I decided to do a post on the total pounds lost up to this point from January 1st. This way we can all kinda see where we are at. So here goes!

Tony Toliver 23 lbs.
Kip Robinson 15 lbs.
Todd Moran 14 lbs.
Melissa Gargalis 8 lbs.
Sarah Robinson 7 lbs.
Gregg Gargalis 4 lbs.
Tammy Carlson 3 lbs.
Meagan Hacker 2 lbs.
Katie Bruer 2 lbs.
Tammie Jones +1 lbs.
Dev Patel +4 lbs.
Lisa Patel +5
Hilary Hanson ? lb.
Hayley Hanson ? lbs.
Jackie Hanson ? lbs.
Jess Allen ? lbs.

Great job guys and keep up the hard work!!!


Meagan said...

didn't kip have a flu in there, i think that's cheating!!! ha ha, i don't feel so bad with my 2 pounds right now!!

Sundbergs said...

Good job everyone. Thanks for motivating me as I am trying to get the baby weight off. I love the picture of Brooke crawling backawrds.