Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big Eater!!

Brooke has really taken to eating solid foods! She totally skipped the whole baby food deal and went straight to the big girl food. She LOVES Cottage Cheese, Deli Meat, Beats, Olives, Pickles, Carrots, Pineapple, Mandrin Oranges, Green Beans, and on and on... we keep finding new things to love! Here are some pictures of our big eater!

We FINALLY found the sippy cup that Brooke can actually figure out how to drink out of and not just chew on!!! She LOVES it!!! I highly recomend this as a way to train your kids to drink out of a sippy!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

She certainly does have a crazy diet for a girl her age. But she has a strong opinion about it and I don't know that you could really get her to eat anything less grown up. Silly kid!