Monday, December 28, 2009

Think you can be.....

If one of your New Year's resolution's is to loose a few pounds, WE HAVE THE MOTIVATION FOR YOU!!!!! A Biggest Looser competition!

This is how it is going to work:
~The competition is going to be 3 months long, it's going to start January 1st and is going to end April 1st.
~The competition will be based on the % of weight loss, NOT the actual pounds you loose.
~There will be a $5.00 pay in that the winner will receive at the end of the competition. The more people that are in, the bigger the pot will be!

The Rules and Regulations:
~To join in the friendly competition first of all you need to be an Honest person because this will be based on the Honors System.
~You need to send me, a check for $5.00 made out to Sarah Robinson by no later than January 7th, a Before picture of you (yes I know, in a tank top and tight bottoms), your start weight, and your e-mail address. I will be the only person that knows the start weight and sees the before pictures so you don't have to worry about others seeing it.
~Your before picture and beginning weight need to be taken on the morning of January 1st. This is when the weigh in begins.
~Each week you need to e-mail, call, text, or facebook me in your weight loss by Sunday Evening. Your weekly results WILL be posted on my Blog and in an e-mail sent out to all of the contestants.
~If I go 2 weeks without hearing from are out of the competition and WE KEEP YOUR MONEY!!!
~In 3 months you will need to report your end weight as well as send in an after picture. The winner will have their before and after picture posted on my Blog for viewing pleasure and bragging rights!!!

SO WHO IS IN????? Like I said the more the better, we want this pot to be FULL OF MONEY for the winner!!!

My girlfriend Hillary, is also hosting this competition with me, if you want to check out her blog as well. We will combine all the contestants together, so you will be competing agaisnt others who know her as well, more people = more money!

My e-mail address is, e-mail me or facebook me if you want to join the weight loosing club! Any questions e-mail me too!


Mashaide said...

Oh sure do it during the months I'm pregnant. =0)

Meagan said...

I'm totally in! This should be interesting!

Katie said...

There is a small part of me that is considering this. I love a good competition and Heaven knows I could stand to loose some weight.

But I have hit a serious plateau. I got up at 6am in the snow when it was 7 degrees outside and like a fool did lunges around the neighborhood. I'm exercising a lot and counting calories. I'm not loosing any weight. I'd for sure loose this competition. And I HATE loosing.

Plus I don't have any tight shorts.

I'll think about it...but don't plan on it.

melissa gargalis said...

let me mull this over another day or two, but I'm pretty sure I am in. THis is so needed for me, so maybe this will give me some kind of deadline to work towards, it was going to be May or June-swimsuit season...but this could be better. I'll let you know for sure by Jan 1st. Great Idea!

Jessica said...

this is such a great idea but unfortunatly i'm not doing it. I only have x amount of lbs left to lose and therefor would defiently not win by %body weight lost-that is the most fair way to do it though, i just don't want to go in 5 bucks when i know i won'tbe losing the most, ya know? josh said he is considuring it though! I've been running and josh and i started p90x 3 weeks ago, so anyone out there looking for AN AMAZING way to lose weight that WORKS try that program, we've already lost pounds!

amber said...

i'm going to talk to tony about it tonight and let you know by tomorrow. what is that p90x that girl was telling you about?

The Picketts said...

Maybe I should do this... I'm already doing weight watchers...I wonder if this would boost my game. I'll let you know for sure. Oh and p90x is amazing!!! I had planned. To start that in February....

Olayan's said...

I would so do it if the odds weren't against me... since I know you and probably many others are doing p90x....

Plus I'm starting to like my lavish curves!

H said...

The Biggest Loser is huge up here. I should do it since I have surgery coming up. Last time I lost 40 pounds from the surgery! :) Good luck!