Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby's First Christmas

This was a very special and very fun Christmas for our little family. We know that Brooke is too little to appreciate the fact that Santa came and visited her home and brought her some presents, but he still came, new traditions were still started, and our Christmas memories have forever been changed for the better!
This Christmas was super special having Brooke around but it was also super fun to spend with so much family. We love all the time we get to spend with our families! We are super blessed!
Well, I don't really have any pictures of this event, BUT this is how our Christmas started.....

YUP the Emergency Room!!! Not for Brooke thank goodness but for Daddy. We were super nervous on the Eve of Christmas Eve that Kip had gotten Tetnaus from having been pricked by a screw about 2 weeks ago. For the previous few days Kip had been feeling sick and warn out. As the days passed he began feeling worse and his jaw began to tighten and spasm. By the Eve of Christmas Eve at 2 in the morning Kip was in some serious pain. So much that he was shaking and was feeling nauseous. W looked up Tetnaus online... which freaked us out, it seemed he was having all the signs of Tetnaus. So to the ER we headed after calling over our WONDERFUL friend Katie to stay at home as Brooke was asleep. SORRY KATIE for interrupting... your sleep ;) and THANK YOU!!!! We hope somehow we can pay you back!!!
Well it ends up that Kip has TMJ which is lock jaw. I guess a Tetnaus shot is good for up to 10 years and he has had one within the last few years. So that was a relief! He got a NASTY and very painful shot, the Dr. wanted to make sure even that Kip had enough muscle in his arm to take the pain of the shot ;) Kip says it was NO JOKE and very painful. I laughed :) and $100- later we were on our way home. Getting home at a wonderful 5am.
Then back up at 7:30am to begin our Christmas Eve! We headed down to San Diego to spend the day with my family. Here are some shots from our Christmas Eve.
Brooke and Uncle Ding (David)

Brooke and Kellen

Brooke and Makenna

The Cousins Playing! This made me sad because Brooke looks SO BIG!!!

All the Carlson Grand kids! Heidi, Riley, Makenna, Kellen, and Brooke!


Christmas Morning!
Family PJ Picture!

Checking out the Loot!

Brooke opening her stocking!

Mommy opening her stocking!

Echo opening his stocking!

Daddy and his stocking!

Daddy with his stocking loot! O NO COLE!!!! Naughty boy ;)

Playing with her stocking stuffers :)

Opening her very first gift EVER!!! Wow, that is weird to think about!

Then off to Grandma and Grandpa Robinson's for a Christmas Day packed with fun!!
Brooke and Hailee started playing right off the bat, it was SO CUTE!!! They were playing steal the Binky. It was fun to watch them together.

Robinson Cousins!

We then went on a hike after breakfast and opening presents. I did not have my camera with me, but there are pictures of the event. I am thinking I may not post them, even when I get a hold of them because I look SO FAT and SO NASTY in them. So let's just take my word for it, we went on a hike and it was beautiful and fun and the little girls were great!
Then we had a wonderful dinner and on to the Nativity Play. Kip and I played Mary and Joseph with our little baby Jesus (with ear rings). It was so much fun. It was the first annual Nativity Play put on by all of us, what a fun tradition we started! Here are some pictures from the event that I got on my camera.
Kip as Joseph (check out the brow)

Being silly with the dark facial hair. A totally different look for Kip :)

Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus! Played by Kip, Sarah, and Brooke.

The whole cast!

We then finished the evening with reading our traditional Christmas stories and then playing some quite funny games!
We had a wonderful Christmas with our families and with our little baby girl! We are so grateful for Jesus Christ and the perfect life he led so that we could return home someday. We are so grateful for this season to share time with loved ones, to focus on Christ, and to really take the time to serve others. This was a Christmas I will always remember. Hope it was wonderful for you and your family as well!


jeanine said...

I can't believe how big Brooke is getting... she is a DOLL!
Also, I love the fact that Kip got coal... hilarious.

Traci Elizabeth said...

how the heck do you get lock jaw?? WEIRD.

Love the pics. looks like a perfect holiday!!! (minus the ER)

The Gray Family said...

glad you had fun! I can't believe Brooke is sitting did that go by so fast?

Ryan and Brindi said...

those nativity costumes are great! where did you find them? little brooke looks so cute in her christmas dress! glad you had such a meaningful and fun christmas!

amber said...

the er visit stinks but worked out a lot better than it could have. the unibrow on kip is a riot. your tree was perfect!!! you have an awesome life and can tell you know it and appreciate it. love you!!!

Jessica said...

oh my goodness. Brooke is ridiculously adorable. what a cute girl!!! i can't believe she is already sitting up :) time sure flys. And scary for kip and the whole tmj thing, yikes... good thing for painful shots that take care of it though right? before i forget to tell you again, your hair looked PERFECT when you took those family pictures, how did you curl it like that? please teach me to try on my hair!

Todd + Emily said...

That sucks about Kip!!!! I hope he starts feeling better!!!

Brooke is adorable in the Christmas pics in front of the tree I love her green dress!! Glad you guys had a great Christmas you deserve it since your GREAT friends : )!!! Who rhyme really good!

Vanessa said...

Brooke is so adorable in her Christmas green! how festive! Bummer about kip, how random! Glad you had a good Christmas!

Kelly said...

lock jaw... my mom was tellin me about this yesterday... cvrazy! and scary!

looks like a great christmas! i love brookes dress and sweater... hmmmm, i wonder who gave her that! =)

Katie said...

Lock jaw? Really? Glad you got that taken care of.

Brooke is ADORABLE! I love the pictures of her by the tree.

We tried acting out the nativity per the request of my 5 year old. IT got so funny we were bordering on it becoming sac-religious.

And only the Robinsons Hike on Christmas. Aren't you supposed to be lazy that day?