Sunday, September 20, 2009

Labor Day

This year Labor Day was SUPER FUN!!!! We ended up going to 2 BBQ's with friends and we had a total blast at both! It was SO MUCH FUN to play like little kid's again in the pool! We have not been so childish in YEARS and it felt O' SO NICE!!!! Here are some fun pictures we got that day!
The Hubby & Wife

Mommy & Brookers

Brooke was such a good girl, she just sat there and watched her mommy and daddy go crazy!

Emily & I showed up in the same swim top's and we still rocked them with no shame :) Quite a funny feeling to show up to a party wearing the same thing as your friend!

Kip ( you have to look at Todd's face, it is SO FUNNY )








Hil and Collin said...

you guys look like you had so much! i love that you guys are still so silly! it totally makes me miss having a pool, or just living in california! glad you guys hare having a blast and enjoying being parents!

Amanda said...

You guys certainly don't have to worry at all about staying young at heart. You've got that one covered!

Chris and Jenn said...

You guys are CRAZY!! Looks like so much fun!