Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Boy Is Back In Town...

When Kip's little brother Rick comes in town the whole family rejoices!!! We all absolutely LOVE having Rick around and wish so much that he lived closer or at least could visit more. He is going to BYU Idaho currently and has a job that does not allow him to take many trips. We were all so stoked that this time we got to keep him for a good 2 weeks! The whole family had fun, fun, fun packed into those 2 weeks so that we could all party and play together, it was great! Kip was especially excited for Rick to be here since this is one of the first times in a while that he has actually gotten to spend some quality time with his brother while he was around. Previously Kip had things keeping him from taking time off to enjoy Rick's trips down, this time Kip had whole day's to play with his brother.
One of the day's Kip had to play with Rick they started out with some good ol' riding! Always a ton of fun!
Kipper hitting a jump!

Rick hitting a jump!

Right after the riding they headed down to La Jolla Shores down in San Diego for some snorkeling. We do not have any pictures from that event but they had a great time and saw a TON of fish and a lobster!
Once done with the snorkeling they had developed quite the appetite and HAD to head over to the BEST BBQ around Phill's BBQ!!! The food is SO good that they even took a picture at the place :)

Another of the day's they had together to hang out they headed down to Coronado Island in San Diego. They spent the day long boarding along the sidewalks of Coronado and exploring the hall's and well other places in the Hotel Del Coronado! They came back with some pretty fun pictures, the two of them together crack me up!
Long Boarding!

Hanging out in what they called the Haunted Chair in the hall of the Hotel Del!

Ok so these one's crack me up! As they were exploring the hall's of the hotel they found a room with the door opened but nobody in it. The room was all done up as if it was just cleaned so they decided to go in and check out the comfort of the bed! They did flips and twists and left the bed in shambles. I am sure the maid came back into that room and about freaked wondering what in the world happened to the bed! The hotel is said to be Haunted, maybe she thought it was one of the Ghosts, NOPE just Kip and Rick!

And then they found a secret passage way to one of the attic spots of the hotel and decided to snap some shots while up in there. SO ROBINSON!!!

Kip was excited to have time with his brother and we already miss him! Come back soon Rickey!!!! Glad the boys got to have fun!

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Todd + Emily said...

That is awesome. I'm sure they loved spending as much time as possible with each other since they only get to see each other every once in a while. They are crazy I wouldn't have enough guts to do what they do that is awesome!