Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well I just got back from the knee specialist and I have kinda good news, well better news than I was expecting!
THE GOOD NEWS: It looks like I did not re-tear my ACL, the doctor is not sure that it is not torn but he thinks after doing a few tests to my knee that the ACL is still intact! YEAH!!!! We will not know for sure if it is torn or not till I have an MRI but I am not going to get and MRI till after little Brooke is born (just to be safe)! I will most likely get the MRI by the end of July which will tell us EXACTLY what I did to my knee!
THE BAD NEWS: It looks like I did tear something and the doctor is suspecting the Meniscus Tendon. I was pretty sure I did something pretty bad since it has been almost 2 weeks since I hurt it and I am still hobbling everywhere most of the time with 1 crutch! The Meniscus Tendon needs to be repaired if it is torn but the surgery is much less painful then the ACL surgery and the recovery and physical therapy are faster so that is fantastic!
SO it looks pretty much like I will be getting some sort of surgery very soon after I have our first little baby. This kinda freaks me out but I know that I have a ton of support and a ton of help and that we will be ok! Brooke is totally going to laugh at me later on in life when she see's what a dork her mom is! I know I may sound crazy but I feel kinda cool that I will have another surgery to check off for my life. This will be #4 and #3 on my knees! I prey my children do not get my knees, I hope they get their daddy's joints and bones!!! I also will not be able to serve tables the rest of my pregnancy and can not really work out much! Once my knee gets back to where I can comfortably walk the doctor says I can ride a stationary bike for exercise. So does anyone have one that lives close to me so I can come over and work out???
Well that's the update......yes I know.....people call me injury prone but I say I am just VERY ACTIVE!!!


The Gray Family said...

we have a stationary bike in our room that you are welcome to use any time...SOMEONE should use it :>) Hope you feel better soon!

Dacia said...

bummer deal about the surgery, but good thing it won't be as painful. So glad you have so much support!

Meagan said...

well i'm glad you got official news about the knee, not the best news, but at least it's something right? I just got out pass to the community center and we have what looks like an awesome gym...all for FREE!! You can come ride a bike with me anytime!!! Maybe even swimming would be ok, that's low impact right?

melissa gargalis said...

Well, at least you don't have to have surgery while you're pregnant, that seems like it would be a miserable recovery. Hopefully your MRI will be good news by the time you have it done. Hang in there, you're on the downhill of your pregnancy now.

Danny, Laura, Alyssa, and Ashley said...

I tore my meniscus after I had Alyssa. I knew it was weakened by the pregnancy because I could always feel it popping during the last few months of the pregnancy. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. The pain came after Alyssa was walking and I jumped up from the ground to stop her from getting into something and the meniscus tore.
If that is what it is, the surgery is not bad at all. The worst part for me was not being able to shower for three days and recovering from the anesthetics. I was back to normal after a couple of weeks. Oh, and before I had the surgery, my knee got better than it was at first, so maybe yours will be bearable soon.

Philip and Melissa said...

I'm sosososososo glad you didn't tear it! I would've been very furious on your behalf! And sister, I'm so sorry we didn't get to see you this last trip to CA. We hardly had time to even sleep!!! We would've LOVED to see you! you coming to utah anytime soon?