Monday, March 30, 2009

My Dog Is Cooler Than Yours Is!!!

OK so that was totally immature but I just wanted to be a bragging mom and a little immature for the moment. OK so my dog is probably not COOLER than yours is but he is stinkin COOL and so perfect for our little adventure family we are building!
So Kip taught Echo a while ago that when he says "Jump, Jump" Echo jumps over or on top of something that Kip is pointing at! We have a blast with this power now because the dog is seriously fearless and will jump on or over anything we ask him to! He is SO ATHLETIC!!!! We constantly test his skilz to see exactly how cool he is and he really impressed us yesterday on our Sunday family walk. Check out the video's we got! This was the first test, a pretty high wall??
Passed with flying colors!
Next test a big rock??
Wow another pass!!!
Third test, an even bigger rock???
This dog is amazing to us!!! We want to some day have him do those obstacle courses, the dog LOVES to run and jump and do cool tricks so it would be perfect for him. I wish we had the money and the time right now because we have the perfect dog for it! OK so as we were going to leave the park we were walking past a 6 foot brick wall where there were 2 dogs on the other side barking at us! Echo was getting very curious and decided that since he has been doing so well with this jumping thing, he would give it a go. We had no idea the dog would even attempt to jump a 6 foot brick wall but he went for it and got his 2 front paws over the top before we yelled at him to not jump over! At that point he flipped his body around and bounced off the wall like it was nothing! I really wish we had that on video but it was so unexpected! So yeah, our dog can jump out of our yard if he really wanted to. A little crazy to think about, hopefully he never gets the itch!
So after reading this don't you think Mr. Echo is just the coolest dog ever?? I DO!!!


Lacie said...

That is pretty cool! In my dog's younger years he could jump the fence, now he is just to fat and lazy. hahaha

Mashaide said...

Pretty cool dog!

I was wondering if you had some place on your blog where you can pause the music so you can hear what is on your video clips.

If not, you should make that available. Just a suggestion.

Chris and Jenn said...

Love the videos! Those were awesome. Our dog Brinkley is a BIG jumper too, she kept jumping over out chain link fence and Chris finally had to put up a shock wire. SO FUN though! Lets try to get our pups together soon for a play date!

The Perry Family said...

Alright, alright he is a COOL dog!!! He's a good looking dog too. I'll be honest, not a huge fan of animals/pets, but yours is pretty awesome!

Kelly said...

Echo is a COOl dog!!

Kelly said...

Echo is a COOl dog!!

Todd + Emily said...

Haha I'm so amazed by him!!! you need to take video of when he jumps on all those rocks like a mountain goat! nice job too on the last huge rock!!!

Amanda said...

I was totally watching those videos with a silly smile on my face the whole time. Echo Rocks! He fits into the family so perfectly. Aren't you so glad that you did not return him after the night when he pooped ALL over your bathroom. HA!

Anonymous said...


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