Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Before New Years....

I better post some Christmas Pictures!!!

I am sad because with my own camera I hardly took any pictures this Christmas, I think it is because I am always just so tired that I do not like the thought of standing up and using my camera, SAD I know, I am a wimp! But I will have to steal some pictures from my in laws and my parents because I know that they got some good ones. Here are some to capture the rest of the Christmas Season from my camera!
The weekend before Christmas Kip and I meet up with my sister and her family to have Christmas with my dad! We decided this year to go up to Jullian as a family. Jullian is a small little mountain town that holds so many memories for my sister, my dad, and I. We spent many a weekend hiking those mountains and eating at the Jullian Cafe'. We thought this year it would be fun to celebrate as a family there, and since there was a fresh snow storm the kiddo's could play in the snow for the first time. We had a great time and love all the fun Christmas memories we have with our dad!
Kipper and I bundled up in the COLD!
Dad, Amanda, Makenna, and Kellen!
Makenna discovers snow for the first time and makes snowballs and tosses them too and fro! SO CUTE!!
Kellen discovers snow for the first time and decides his tactic is to cuddle up to mommy real tight to stay warm. SMART MAN!
On Christmas Eve Kip and I got to spend the day and evening with his family. We are so blessed to be able to see both our sets of parents during the holidays. We had a BEAUTIFUL and YUMMY family dinner, opened presents as a family, started some new and very cool family traditions this year which we are all very excited about, and played a FUN game of Family Feud. We now own it and it is such a FUN party game so we need to have people over and play sometime. We love spending time with our families and we both feel so blessed to have 2 sets of families that are just amazing and that love us SO MUCH!
Look at this BEAUTIFUL dinner table!

Laurie, Gregg, & Hailee playing her new favorite game Ring Around The Rosie!
Kip & I opening presents at Kipper's parents house, so fun to spend that time together!

Christmas Eve Family Shot!
Echo and Daddy showing off their new trick "Give me Five!!"

Christmas Morning, can you tell we just woke up?
Echo checking out what Santa Brought for him in his stocking???
Candy Cane chew toys, a new CHAIN leash he can not chew through, a brush, and he even had more presents, SPOILED by Santa!!!
These are the only pictures I have from my parents house, sadly. We drove down to San Diego after opening our presents at home Christmas Morning, we were able to spend the whole day with them and we had a GREAT TIME! Mom made a yummy turkey dinner with ALL the fixinz, opening presents is always fun, we watched a movie Sweeney Todd (WOW), and played a TOTALLY FUNNY game!!! I have to get my hands on the pictures of that game!!! It was a great time with the fam!
All the nieces and nephew so far, I got one growin!!!


Heather said...

LOVE IT! Christmas with family is the best!!! It's going to be even better next year with baby on the way!!!! I know what you mean about too tired to take pics, you be glad to know it gets better later in pregnancy! :) I love the family pics with Echo and his stocking pic - so cute!!! And yeah Sweeney Todd was an interesting one huh? I remember thinking this is a musical... kinda horrid for a musical! Glad you guys had a great Chritmastime!!!

Liz said...

The end of my first trimester and the beginning of my second were the most tired I've ever been in my entire life!! I think I slept about 12 hours a day. If you're like me, here in a few weeks, you should get bundles and bundles of energy!

Amanda said...

What a good girl you are, getting some christmas pics up. You are better than me. Can you believe you will have a 5 month old at christmas next year??

Emily said...

What a perfect Christmas and how fun to spend it with both families! Those kids are so cute!

Chris and Jenn said...

I love spending time with the family! Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas holiday!!