Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Best 2 Years...

Kip and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday, September 2nd. We had such an amazing day! First thing in the morning Kip had an interview with LA City Fire Department, he was nervous but did a good job at preparing himself before hand by going over questions they might ask, doing a ride along with a department out there, researching LA City, and refreshing his fire skills. I have always said that as soon as Kip gets past the written test and into the interview process he would fly through with flying colors. I believe Kip has a unique look and name that make him stand out, as well as his amazing people skills. Well HE PASSED!!!!!! He is onto the Background Investigation part which I am sure he will fly through since he has no criminal record at all and is liked by many! Then onto a Psyche Eval which I am a bit nervous about him passing, Psyche...(remember that term Psyche, to mean Just Kidding???)!!! After that, I think he is pretty much hired on! Can you believe it??? He has a fire department job it is looking like!!! We hope all keeps going well, we are not putting all of our eggs in one basket, Kip is still applying a lot of places, taking tests, and doing his best to give us plenty of options. If he does get hired on for sure, he probably will not start is LA City Academy for like 10 months! We are so happy and I am so proud of my AMAZING Husband and I am SO, SO, SO Happy that he is chasing his dream! Kip was born to be a Firefighter, I am so happy his dream looks like it may be coming true!!! YEAH!!!
After the interview we both went to work in the morning! (Necessary)
Then we got home, opened presents, it was My Birthday as well as our 2nd Wedding Anniversary! Then we went to dinner at Vons (they make some amazing sandwiches, way better than subway or submarina, try them out). We wanted to go light and healthy!
After dinner Kipper's Parents, sister Laurie, her hubby Gregg, and little girl Hailee came over for more presents and celebrating! We all had a blast together but forgot to take pics, oops! Then celebrated with a big party platter Pizzookie that my work gave to me for my Birthday! It was YUMMY!!!
After that Kip and I shared the rest of the evening together. We have a tradition to dance to the song we danced to on our wedding day, it is really nice to have that 1 slow dance a year! We danced to "The Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts, it was a lovely evening!
I want to take a little time to reflect on this second year of our marriage for some journal purposes as well as to let you know what has been going on in our recent lives.
Right before our 1st Anniversary we moved into our first home in Lake Elsinore, CA!
Since living in the house finances have been expectantly a little more tight and priorities have changed a little bit. During our first year of marriage we traveled a ton, we were always taking trips somewhere, it was a perfect first year! This year we have focused a ton on our home! Kip has LOVED being in charge of the yard work, he looks forward to mowing the lawn each week, it is SO CUTE!!! I have taken charge of the inside and well not much has been done. I keep it clean but need to do more decorating (still nothing hanging on the walls). But we have loved working on our home and are proud of the little things we have accomplished this year with it. Here are a few of our favorites!
First we painted all of the downstairs (accept for the bathroom) 2 shades of brown!
Then we purchased our very first pieces of furniture since we got married, our 2 full sided couches(everything else we have has been graciously given or loaned to us)
Then the HUGE ONE, we got our patio put in!!! Yeah, less dirt, we love it!!!

As well as the front walkway to the backyard, and Kipper built that planter in front of the walkway! What a stud!
We took out the existing plants in the front planters and replaced them with our own, MUCH BETTER!!!
The plants just took off!!!
And FILLED our front planter with COLOR!!!
In early March we added an addition to our family, our little Son Mr. Echo!!! We love him so much and he is such a part of our family, we could not imagine life without him. Isn't he so handsome?
I FINALLY got more serious with my photography business and hope and pray I just get busier and busier so I get to be home more!
Other events that happened this year of our Marriage, Kip's Grandma Lina Robinson passed away in October, my sister got married to Todd McKamey in November, Kip's sister Laurie and her husband Gregg had our little niece Hailee who we love and adore, my sister got pregnant with little Kellen McKamey that will be born any day here, Kip started Personal Training, and more!
Kip and I have been so blessed to have found one another! We truly are the BEST of friends! I feel we share such a special relationship and I truly feel that he is the only one in the entire world for me and I for him! Kip and I have so much fun together and these last two years have been the VERY BEST of my ENTIRE LIFE!!! I love waking up every single day next to the man I love with all of my heart! I love coming home to him, I love cooking together, cleaning together, playing together, and making lasting memories together! I look SO forward to the rest of Eternity that we will share with one another! I am totally looking forward to this 3'rd year which I feel will be a great one for us, hopefully with Kip starting his full time Firefighter Job that he has dreamed of, hopefully with me getting better at my photography and busier with that, which I have also dreamed of, and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully with a new addition on the way, it should be a good, great, grand, wonderful year ahead of us! Wish us luck in all of our endeavors!


Niki McDowell said...

Are you serious? You got married on your birthday? What a great b-day present. And on a note for your photography business. I think I want you to do Mckynlee's 2 month old pictures? What do you think?

Kipn n' Sarah said...

I would love, love, love to do her pictures!!!

The Gray Family said...

Happy birthday and Happy anniversary! What a cute couple you are. You will be amazed how fast the years continue to fly by! Congrats to Kip on the job interview...hopefully everything will continue to go well (warning...the background check can take a LONG time! They come talk to you by yourself to make sure he doesn't beat you, call everyone you have ever known, and talk to all your least that is what the police dept. did!). Love the old pictures by the way.

Kelly said...

I stumbled upon your blog and it's very awesome. I love your photos.
I think you should send out (if you haven't already) your work to hospitals in your area.
I had a baby last year, and they had a photo company who did the photos...her photos were a lot like yours....

Here is their link...

Your photography is exceptional. It's beautiful. I think you will go far with your new company. Best wishes. :)

Amanda said...

It is amazing how much happens in just a couple of years. It seems like only yesterday that you were getting married and I was sobbing during your wedding. You were such a beautiful bride. I love knowing my sister is happy and in love. Life is good! Happy Anniversary.

The Ellsworth Clan said...

Happy Birthday/Anniversary. You two are wonderful and I wish you an Eternity of happiness and love. Woohoo,, doesn't it feel good to finally get your photography going? You're doing great,,, just keep practicing practicing practicing. Love ya!!

The Bruer Clan said...

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!! That's awesome and I have to say what a DAY for you, your B-DAY and ANNIVERSARY!! YEA!! You guys are A HOT COUPLE!! ;)

Collin and Hilary Hanson said...

I love these pics! I love the one of you as a baby piggin out in your highchair! That one looks more like you! Anyways Im so glad that you guys have had an amazing two years! You guys are way happy and I remember way back when, when I was looking at your pictures hoping I could be jsut as happy! Thanks for bein the example!!!

jeanine said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys have accomplished so much in two years! And congrats to Kip on the interview!

Heather said...

Yay! Happy Anniversary! I'm doing this post for Seth and I later today! September marriages are the best I think! ;) You guys are the best and we are super excited for Kip and LA city Fire and we hope everything continues to go well! We know he would be great there, how could they not want him?! I also hope all of your other endeavors go well! We have you in our prayers!

Philip and Melissa said...

yea!!! happy anniversary you two! quite a bit has gone down in two years eh? what's next? little junior?