Monday, September 29, 2008

100 Things about Sarah

1. I was born in Anaheim, CA (way too long ago)
2. My original name was Sarah Lyn Wyrick
3. Parents got divorced when I was young, don't remember it much!
4. I am the only kid in my family not baptised by a father, doesn't bother me though.
5. Mom got re-married For Time and All Eternity when I was 8
6. My new dad Tyler adopted me and I became Sarah Lyn Carlson
7. Moved from the end of the line in school to the front, thought it was way cool!
8. Have always had a Great relationship with my Biological Father Danny, and am so grateful for that!
9. Grew up in San Diego my whole life
10. Did gymnastics for many years....
11. Dreamed of becoming an Olympic Gymnast
13. Love, adored, admired, loved being around, my Grandpa Carlson!!!!
14. Went up to Winnemucca, NV many summers to Grandma and Grandpa Carlsons
15. Rode horses ALL THE TIME THERE!!!
16. Was in a Jr. Rodeo and did the Barrels
17. Got 2'nd (to last) place but was still proud!
19. Going to decorate my baby nursrey in Horses! SO EXCITED!!! (someday)
20. Made my husband promise to buy me 2 horses before I die so we can ride together all the time!!!
21. Kip took me horseback riding the day he proposed to me! SO SWEET!!!
22. So devistated when Grandpa Carlson Died!
23. Spoke at his funeral representing the Grandkids
24. First funeral I really cried at!
25. Played Basketball 4 years in High School, LOVED IT!!!
26. Ran Track 3 years in High School
27. Missed a year of track due to tearing my Left ACL in Basketball my Sophmore year, recovery time.
28. Ran 400, 4*400, 200, 100, 4*100, and many sprint or distance medlys at invitationals.
29. Went to CIF my Freshman year in the 400
30. Got Best Freshman Sprinter at our Banquet
40. Got Best Defensive Player in Basketball my Sophmore year (when I tore my ACL), and Most Motivational Player in Basketball my Senior Year.
41. Have broken both wrists and torn both ACL's and had to get surgery both times.
42. Threw up every single time I ran the 400 at a track meet. EVERY TIME!!!
43. Threw up on the starting line at a huge invitational in front of hundreds of people..... After cleaning up the puke set a school record.
44. Got Vocal Chord Surgery in High School due to Nodules
45. Have only thrown up 1 time since High School
46. I graduated in 1998
47. Guys did not ever want to date me in High School
48. .....and college...
50. Its OK I found a winner that I LOVE SO MUCH!!!! SO WORTH THE WAIT!!!
51. Total Tom Boy growing up...
52. Still am kinda...
53. Gotten Stitches in my head twice
54. Love being one of the boys,
55. ...and one of the girls!
56. Lived in Provo for 3 years
57. Meet some of my Best Friends in Utah
59. Meet hubby on Blind Date in Utah
60. Moved back to Cali 2 weeks later!
61. Fell in LOVE RIGHT AWAY!!!!
62. Dated 2.5 years before married....
63. Married for 2 years now, together for 4.5 years
65. Still wonder why he married ME he is SO HOT and AMAZING!!!
66. We are a GREAT TEAM!
68. I love to stick my finger in Kips Belly Button because it makes him CRAZY!!!
69. I love to tickle him too for the same reason, he is such week sauce when being tickled
70. I have developed a small sourt of OCD since I have been married
72. Can only fold cloths while warm straight from the dryer, not in a pile!!!
73. LOVE CARPET LINES after Vacuming
74. Love a clean smelling, and BRIGHT HOUSE!!!
75. Dream in Idaho, lots of land, 2 horses, lots of toys like dirtbikes and snow mobeils, 5 bedroom, 1 story house, 3 or 4 car garage. I could go on.
76. Only still in Southern California to be close to all our family
77. LOVE ALL MY FAMILY!!! Inlaws and imediate!
78. My little sister Amanda is my second Best Friend right behind my husband!
79. My Mommy is "The Wind Beneth My Wings", she is my angel, and HERO!!!
80. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being an Auntie!!! Ra Ra is what I am called by my niece.
81. We are trying to make a kid...
82. I love the process of trying to make a kid....(wish us luck)
83. All I have ever wanted to be is a wonderful wife and mother!!!
84. Dream to be an AMAZING Photographer..
85. I strive to be like the Ellsworths and Melissa Niu as Photographers....AMAZING!!
86. When my kids are grown and off to big kid school I would love to go back to school and become a nurse and help deliver babies!
87. I love that my husband is trying to be a Firefighter!!!
88. I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a MORMON!!!
89. I love my ward!!!
90. I love my home!!!
91. My dog!!
95. My LIFE!!!!!!!
96. I am learning to love to read!
97. O' I LOVE SPORTS, especially playing Football!
99. My friends are AMAZING!!!!!
I am so sad I had to stop, I would have loved to keep going on. I hope you know me a little bit better now. I tag all of you that have the time to do this, it is really fun to get to know people better by doing this!
Take the time, it is actually fun, like I said I did not want to stop!
And have a FANTASTIC DAY!!!!


Rachel Kirk said...

Good to know so much about you. I am glad your knee is better.

melissa gargalis said...

You are SO fun!!!

The Gray Family said...

you make me laugh! I didn't know you were such a stud athlete. I love reading these when people do them...I have thought about it but don't know if I can think of 100 things about me :>) I love having you in this ward!!!

Traci Elizabeth said...

you have the greatest outlook on life! kip is the same way, thats why you two are GREAT together!

erin said...

okay sarah after we chatted at Lyndzee the other night I had to check out the blog. You are so cute. I love all your 100 facts. WE have several things in common. Like OCD since marriage and Vacuum lines. Good luck makin that kid...have fun!

Anonymous said...

SO GLAD you did this!! YOU ARE SO FUN and I LOVE to be around you!! Thanks for the walk today!! ENJOYED IT!!

Todd&Emily Moran said...

Ok I started cracking up on like number four or five when you said you got to move to the front of the line ahahahahahaahah that is so funny!!!!

Patrick and Effie said...

k 47 and 48 totally a lie cause you are a hottie and amazing and I was there for some of the people you dated ha ha! i miss you! I totally want you to come out and me my photographer when i get huge and when the baby comes out!!

Emily said...

That was fun to read, I feel like I know you so much better! I love that you enjoy horses!

Heather said...

Good stuff! Knew a lot of it already, but surprised me with all your sports stuff! I knew you were athletic, but Dang! :)

Trent, Kristi, and Kami...... said...

So now I feel like I know you a little better! I can relate to all the track stuff. And yes, I ran the 400 but never threw up (even though I wanted to every time). Sorry about your knee - that is a total bummer! Without fail it's always when you are in top shape or about to run a huge race and you get hurt or injured. I was 3 weeks away from the St. George marathon, doing great, and had to have my tonsils out and it took me months to recover. Go figure. You'll get back in no time.

(Oh - and I am SO NOT super mom. You are sweet. I forgot to mention I take a nap almost every day when Kami takes a nap and a lot of the times don't clean just cause I don't feel like it!)

jeanine said...

Wow! I learned so much. CIF? That's amazing. I ran hurdles but was never THAT good.
And I loved the belly button and the tickling... I do the same thing to my husband. Drives him NUTS.

Susann said...

Your awesome Sarah!

Wade said...

Thank God I'm not the only husband in the world who gets tickled into insanity by my wife!!

But that raises the next question... what's with all the evil women in the world??