Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tag Your It!

OK so I suppose how this goes is as soon as you see that you have been tagged you need to get up and take these pictures, no time to clean or whatever else you want to do. I guess it is a look into your every day life without having time to fluff! These are the ways we get to know one another...I kinda think this one is silly but cool at the same time! So as hard as it was for me to not pick up, I DID IT!!!
Here goes... my daily life!

Favorite Room:(I have 2 favorites so I just took pics of both of them! O and my dog follows me everywhere and apparently LOVES the camera so that is why he is in most of these off!)
This is where I spend pretty much most of my home life!!! Kip and I both! I have a blanket out because whenever I lay down to do anything on the couch I need a blanket...strange I know. I am also reading Breaking Dawn...sitting on the blanket! ITS AMAZING!!!!!! You have to read it!
This room is not one of my favorites for the decorating we have put into it, obviously, but I would have to say that this is my "HAPPY PLACE"....from sleeping of course ;)

Your Closet:
No I did not clean it, I just have problems. Everything is sorted by color and then sleeve length. My sister does it too!

Aaaawww...also a happy place. J/K! SO get this!!! My husband has had to train me to put the toilet lid down, he can not stand the way it looks when it is up! Most men can't even put the toilet seat down and he has to have the lid down too. I actually like that I have been trained because it prevents my dog from drinking the water and getting it ALL OVER MY HOUSE!!! He is the messiest drinker I have EVER SEEN!

Laundry Room:
There are still cloths in the dryer, I hate folding and putting away! NO FUN!!

Lots of food for two people!! Needs to be full of healthy food!

Favorite Shoes:
I have recently remembered how much I LOVE RUNNING!!! These are Echo's favorite shoes because it means he gets to go out! I love these shoes!

What your kids are doing:
Well as for right now this is my child, and as for now this is what he is doing...just waiting for me to get up and go into another room so he can follow me. The poor dog never stays in one place for long when I have things to get done because he has to be in the same room as me!
And this is a representation of what my little HUMAN kids are doing right now! Being perdy little eggs! Hopefully to become something in the hopefully near future!

Self Portrait:
Here you can tell I totally did not take the time to fluff!!! EEEEekkkksssss!!!
OK so I choose to tag Melissa(Idaho), Becky(Utah), Sunny Joe(Utah), Britt(Utah), Effie(???Chicago right???), Hilla Bean(Idaho), Bryan(Moving far, far away), Ryan(Georgia), Dacia(Idaho), and Chels(Pensylvania??? Right?)! All of you because you live far away and I have never ever seen where you live and I wanna see it!!! I also do not get to see you regularly so I want to see an every day life of you folks!!! LOVE YA ALL!!


The Picketts said...

I want you to do this tag AFTER you have children. I seriously want to see what your house will look like!! HA HA! It made me kinda sad that my house is seriously CRAZY once Gracie wakes up! HA HA! (People used to tell us that our house looked like a Model Home - now I'm lucky to get the dishes done each day!) Seriously though, your house is BEAUTIFUL! (and so are you! Miss you tons!)

Amanda said...

I agree with Diana...I am so curious to see what happens with your anal retentivness once kids are in the picture.
By the way, I did laugh out loud at the picture of the eggs....very creative my dear...I love your humor! I can't wait to see my nieces and nephews that you will give me!

Kelly said...

I love this tag. And I love your closet. I arrage my clothes the same way too! ... tanks, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves... etc. All in colored order too. And I love that your little buddy Echo follws you everywhere. So cute!

Heather said...

The toilet thing totally cracked me up! Seth is the same way but I still don't put it down! :) To be totally mean to me he once put it all up before bed because he was frustrated with me and I totally fell in the next time! Now I totally check before sitting down! :) Fun Post!

Emily said...

Your house looks huge and I love the closest! Thanks for showing us your crib!

Collin and Hilary Hanson said...

way cute!!! I cant wait till we get our own house and out of our little apartment (even though it suits us quite nice) man I miss you guys so much! We wanna come play. Collin said the cutest thing the other day... I want someone cool like Kip who actually likes to do cool stuff rather than just sit on his butt and play video games all the time. (we were talking about exploring caves and mines last year) so yeah he wants another guy friend who is just as adventerous as kipper! anways i love your little family you got going and I love the eggs-to-be picture! its hilarious!

Melissa said...

I love the eggs shot!

The Woot-en Clan said...

Very cute idea! My closet is the same way. Everything is colored coded and organized by length and type of clothing. You are not alone in the world:) At work had a seminar on what kind of person we are and we are a gold color person. Go look it up on line at true colors. It is pretty amazing how on it was for me.