Sunday, August 3, 2008


So our little Echo has found his match. His cousin dog Bella a Yellow Lab is the same age as Echo and they have almost identical personalities. It is so stinking cute to see them together, they seriously LOVE, LOVE, LOVE one another! Every time that Kipper and I go down to San Diego we now bring Echo with us so he can have some Bella time. Which is good for both him and Bella because they are both totally Exhausted by the end of the play day. We LOVE it!
Now every time we are going to get into the car he is waiting to see if he is invited, he seriously Loves his car rides and is so good in there as well. I am especially impressed when he needs to ride in my little car, he is so well behaved as long as he gets to sit in the front with mommy. He loves to be close to us and the back seat is just WAY too far away for him. He cracks me up! He now can recognise my sisters house and freaks out in the car when he see's it as we pull up. He jumps out of the car as fast as he can and just runs up to the front door and sits there till I get there to open it. As soon as Amanda answers the door he runs through her house straight to the screen door just begging to go out and play with his BFF! It is so cute. They have been known to play NON STOP for up to 6 hours. Here are some cute pics from our last trip down to San Diego.
Echo Boy!
Bella Girl!
Echo, Makenna, and Bella

Tug of war with a popped Soccer Ball!
Cute litte mommy Amanda and Makenna who is being such a big girl these days.

Totally sleeping in the car like a person and zonked out from a long day of playing. The whole hour ride home! SO CUTE!


The Hardy's said...

the pictures of Echo laying in the car CRACK me up! He is seriously like a human! What an awesome dog!

The Gray Family said...

I can't believe how big your dog is getting! Looks like the ears are finally where they are supposed to be, huh?

Niki McDowell said...

Hey, we went to BJ's on Friday. I was so bummed that your weren't working (your probably weren't though). One day we'll go when you can serve us!

Kelly said...

I'm laughing so hard at Echo sleeping in the front seat! Hilarious!

Emily said...

Thats adorable!!

Amanda said...

I love that our doggies are cousins and love each other so much! And I love when you bring him down...she is so mellow at night when you are gone. We miss echo....Kenna keeps asking about him...oh, and she misses you too :)

Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME that they play so well together!!! They are COUSINS they better! HA!! Cute stuff!! Missed you at church...hope you guys are doing good!! LOVES!!!

Anderson Family said...

How cute, echo is getting so big! I miss Shilo :(