Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Festival of Dance

The youth of the church in our area had the wonderful opportunity of doing what is called a Dance Festival. I had never heard of it before because we never did it in San Diego when I was a young. I did find out that both my mother and father had participated in one years ago at the Rose Bowl, the things you learn about your parents years and years later right? How come I never heard about this? I want to see pictures, that would be classic!

Anyway, the youth practiced all summer long for this big performance, at the end of the week they were practicing up to twice a week. A ton of time and effort was put into this event and pretty much all of the services were volunteer.

The night arrived and my friend Megan and I were asked to go down and help out with the youth. We got there early and did what we could to help out, I got some shots while everyone was hanging out before and then we headed out into the stands. I am SO GLAD that we got to watch it!!! The kids did an amazing job and it was just so cool to see so many kids come together having so much fun and pulling off this great evening. Here are some of the shots I got from my seat up in the stands. I was far away and do not have much of a zoom lens so the pics are not amazing but I am glad that I was able to get what I got. This is for sure an evening I am going to remember. I can just imagine what the experience would have been like for me if I had a kid out there performing. My young women and Kipper's young men from our old ward were involved so it was cool knowing some of the kids out on the field! I hope that someday when I have kids at that age I am able to watch them do something like this. What a cool experience it was! Great Job to all that were involved, it really came together nicely!

This is all of the kids from our Stake
Some of the kids from my ward
More kids from my ward.(The one in the middle looks like he could be Kipper's little brother it kinda freaks me out how much he looks like Kip and Rick.)
My Mia Maids that are now Laurels that I miss SO MUCH! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, their dance and I have to give a shout out to Lina the Tomboy on the far right who got in a Princess dress and danced with a Young Gentleman like a Princess, SO CUTE!!!
The stands were PACKED!!! Both nights they performed more than 7,000 came from both nights!
Me looking way, way stoked to be there and Megan pretending not to be as excited as she really was. Sorry Megan for posting this pic, it is funny!
Opening number, Priests and Laurels

Beehives, the group in the front are kids from our ward.
Deacons, Looking good.

And the balls start flying, it was Cute!

The Prince and Princess dance, it was WAY COOL!
One, Two, Cha, Cha, Cha...!
All the kids made an American Flag at the end, it was so cool! There were fireworks and a tribute to all the solders.


Meagan said...

i'm glad you spent all that time on this post cause it was so cute. I totally love the kids from our ward, they are hilarious, you totally need to get to know them! Thanks for taking all the pics...and yeah you can take down that pic of us anytime now!!!!!!

Katie said...

My mom talked about doing this at the Rose Bowl when she was in her youth, too. I've always wanted to do this since then. I would have been just as excited to be a chaperone. I seriously missed out. I got jipped!

By the way...thanks for your nice comment on my post about my dad. I didn't know any of that and I really appreciated reading it.

Bonnie said...

So sorry that I didn't know you were going to be there. My family went on Saturday night to support Paul (12) one of those lovely deacons. I would have loved to see you. Thanks for posting all those great photos. Took a lot of time and energy but looks nice.
Love Bonnie

The Woot-en Clan said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! How fun. I love the picture of you and Meagan :) Very cute

Melissa said...

Yeah! It's over. That was a ton of work and you guys did a great job!

Dacia said...

How awesome for the youth to be involved in such a great event! Looks like a lot of fun. Wish we could have done something like this in San Diego!

Anderson Family said...

It looked so fun, really sad I missed it :( We are going out of town this weekend but when I get back I will call you so we can set something up for Jalen's pictures.

Heidi said...

WHAT??? are you in my aunt and uncles ward? The Holmes family? Tanner and Emily! those are my cousins! How fun! we went and saw it friday night! SO GOOD!

Amanda said...

So very cool for all those kids.
And wow, that one boy does look like he is related to Kipper. Freaky! (You don't have a crush on him then, do you?)

jeanine said...

My sister was in this too... she had a blast! My mom also said that she was in Dance Festival in the Rose Bowl when she was a youth--I didn't find that out till last week!
Oh... and that kid totally looks like he could pass as a Robinson!

Sunny & Tom Richins said...

I couldnt get Tom to go to this with me. If I knew you were going, I would have gone with you. Im glad you posted the pics. Looks like it was great.

Emily said...

My cousin was in this and there were no more tickets left so I could not go! I am glad you took pictures :)

The Bruer Clan said...

So glad that you put pics up of this!! That looked like SO AWESOME, I am actually bummed I didn't go!! :( Anyway..I do have to say I am jealous you got to go!! ;) HEE!! MISS YA!!!